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Did you hear? School is Starting NEXT WEEK! *gasp*

by - Thursday, December 27, 2012

Yeah, I know it had almost blown my mind away when I saw the date for the first time in today's newspapers. It's so like me, you know, losing track of the time which mostly happens during the school holidays and not owning a 2013 calendar isn't helping the situation either. I've got all my books and stationary ready, well everything really except for my nervous mind of mine. It's not just the nerve, it's also the fact that I'll be in Form 5 next year AND I'll be taking the most important exam of my life that will determine my future, SPM (ARGH!). Sure, I've studied all the Form 4 syllables but I still feel that I'm not truly ready but I guess everyone feels like that before the school opens. Looking towards the good side however, I'll get to see all my friends and teachers again that I haven't seen for two months. Miss you guys! And ooo, I could finally get myself out of the house for once. Not that I'm complaining or anything, it's just that being at home almost 24 hours each week makes me feel gloomy if not a little heavy (if you what I mean..).  Well, I guess that's all from me. Sorry ever so much if it's short (it is) because I just don't feel like writing much. BUT I SHALL WRITE MORE (WAY MORE!) IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Farewell bloggers!

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