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2nd Day after SPM

by - Friday, November 29, 2013

Hmm.. where can I start? Once we handed our Biology 3 papers, we were declared free from the tight and horrible clutches of SPM. Most of my friends were practically jumping up and down with joy and I was happy too. A bit. Don't get me wrong, being free to do whatever we want is really a dream come true... but, they've forgotten one important thing. Will we ever meet again in the near future? I think that was what had bothered me because I know there's a very slim chance that I will ever meet my precious friends again. I'm not the type of person you could ask out to go shopping in a group of friends. My parents won't allow it for safety reasons and there's also the issue of my lack of interest towards some girly activities like shopping and stuff. It's really saddening. If you think about it, we'll be going on our own separate ways and it'll be impossible to meet up again. However, when I think it thoroughly, maybe its for the best. It's not the end of the world. Out there in the world we live in, interesting opportunities and adventures are waiting for us. New people to befriend and life experiences that will create a better "us". All in a nutshell, I hope everyone keep their FB or other social websites so we'll stay in contact. It'll be fun to meet up again with us looking more matured, right?

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