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Classic Novels

by - Sunday, December 01, 2013


It's not much but I think its quite impressive. Still, looking forward to indulge into other books too.

  1. Jane Eyre
I think this is my all time favourite classic novels. It's also the first that I've read. My reason? Simple. I like the style of the writing a lot since the setting was back in the Victorian days (A BIG FAN OF THE VICTORIANS!) with their fancy dresses, magnificent mansions, balls and carriages. It's all very exquisite and posh. I'm quite old fashioned for someone young but it is in my genes. He he he... Moving on. I think I've read the book about 2-3 years ago and I've been rereading several times now. I find Jane Eyre a fascinating character, very cool and controlled for an 18 year old girl. I look up to her because she's so matured for her age. Despite that, I mainly like her for her plain looks. I mean in most books that I've read, the heroine are always pretty and they don't go through as much suffer as Jane does which makes her almost human, if you know what I mean. Her meeting with Mr Rochester (Yay, I remember his name and spelled it write too!) was... quite exciting. He fell off his horse and I felt so sorry for Jane when she couldn't coax his horse to come to him(I was furious with him when he mocked Jane because of her failure) . At this stage, I didn't think they had anything for each other. It was their first meeting for goodness sake, you can't expect something more like how Bollywood movies seem to show. Its too unrealistic. I'm glad they got married and lived together despite Mr Rochester being half blind but the important thing is, they're happy. One thing that disturbed me though was their huge age gap!

            2. Mansfield Park
This book comes in second place. I've bought the book last year and only started reading it recently. I wished I had read it sooner because I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main character, Fanny Price is a playful, kind-hearted and modest person. She love reading and studying a great deal much to my interest because she seemed a little bit like me. Sort of. Fanny was sent off to her Uncle's mansion away from her family because her parents had too many children to care for and they weren't wealthy enough to hold the burden. She never met them again as she spent most of her childhood and her teen age in Mansfield Park, her new home. She was received quite readily by her Uncle's family. Well, everyone but her Aunt's sister who is a widow. I think she looked down on Fanny because of her family poor status in the society. Her cousins were quite appalled by her lack of manners and etiquette as a well brought up girl. Fanny was distraught but Edmund, the youngest sibling of her four cousins took a liking to her and they became very close right up till they were grown ups. They were best friends or so everyone thought. Fanny liked Edmund a lot but he doesn't seem to notice her feelings towards him as he to her. A lot of things happened in the story. It's very entertaining. 

 I think this is all I could elaborate for now. There are still a few more books that I have read and wish to share. I love classics mainly because of the rich English language which pushes me to watch a few movies as well. Hopefully, I'll start talking like them too! "Have a very good day, ladies and gentlemen." 

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