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Just A Story

by - Friday, November 29, 2013

Dear Diary, 
School might open in 3 weeks time unless a big earthquake suddenly appeared and destroyed half the school and the students (me) get another 3 weeks of holiday. I will definitely DIE then because I never liked L-O-N-G holidays because I could not see my friends and my school! Another thing is that I have nothing to do at home except watching TV or TV watching me because I sometimes fell asleep on the sofa (poor me, so bored until I sleep! Ha ha ha). 

I read through what I have written in my diary looking out for any mistakes. Not bad for an almost 15 year old teenager who is dying of a common disease called "boredness", right? I closed the red shiny diary and locked it with a lock and carefully hid it under the piles of school books on my study table. 
Now what can I do next? Throw garbage, check. Swept the floor, check. Made bed, check. All  done! Is there anything I could do today? Maybe I should check my blog. Yeah, I mean I've got very eager readers out there who's dying for my next entry. I like to write funny and weird things about anything! Like my cat, Mabel (just call her Bel. Don't ever call her by her full name or she'll sulk for hours). Okay, cross the part about me having eager blogger fans because I don't seem to have any (hu...) and ah, don't forget about the cat too. She doesn't exist either, not like I want her to. I really wished I had a cat.

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