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Me: Lady in Waiting

by - Friday, November 29, 2013

Gosh, I have absolutely no idea what that actually means but in my dictionary, I define it as a certain form of activity which involves in waiting for something really good to happen to a girl/woman. This also points to me. I'm practically on my toes for the arrival of the biggest and baddest bookfair ever to exist on the face of this earth which will take place next week in Mid Valley. I think. What? I haven't been keeping updates on their website lately which is really dangerous. I mean, what if the book sale is open earlier and I've totally missed it. NO WAY will I ever let that happen. Not in a million years. The date is just perfect, a week after my final exam papers. It's almost like having an early birthday or something like that. I've saved up around RM150 this whole year just for this unforgettable event. I'll make sure I'll spend every single cent on a book. FIGHTING!!! Anyway back to the facts, the book sale might do their AWESOME 24 hours sale where they'll be open all day and all night so customers won't have to squeeze so much in the hall. Last year, I somehow managed to convinced my parents that coming to the sale after midnight would be the perfect time for book-shopping. I seriously had thought that the place would be empty but boy were we wrong. I can't say that it was extremely crowded because there were still spaces to breathe unlike the photos they posted on the BBWB page. It looked as if the hall was flooded with a sea of people.

While waiting for that "Special" day, I'll busy myself doing all the things I've been wanting to do since earlier this year. I hadn't the time before because I was so caught up with school projects and exams. Here are my to-do list for this week, Insyaallah, I could fulfil these tasks as I call them. Ta-daa:

1) Drawing and painting.
Yes! I'm finally free to do one of my all time favourite relaxing activities. I've printed a few pictures off the Internet as references to paint. The only problem now though is cleaning the paint and cleaning away the rubbish. It's too tiring but I'll definitely give it a try.

2) Reading 
This is even better. I couldn't do as much reading as I wanted this year because of certain reasons (which I'm sure you are all fully aware of) and it was pure torture all the way. If I was a little daring and cheeky, I'd locked myself in my bedroom saying that I needed some sleep but in fact I was pouring over a good book. Ah well, that's all over and I can read whatever and whenever books I want now.

3) Gardening in Mom's balcony
Lately, my mum has been really busy with her work so she doesn't have much time to tend to her garden. That's why I should do her a favour by caring for them or the least I could do is to keep them alive. I'm not as skilled with gardening as my mum does but I've been interested in it. So tomorrow, I could start gorging myself into a tomato to get the seeds, dig some holes in a few empty old pots and plant them. Hold on, I've just remembered something. Tomatoes need lots of sunlight and that is exactly what we don't have. Okay, maybe a chilli plant or a lettuce. Whichever it is, I'll look over some videos on plant care tips soon. P.S., THE PICTURE BELOW ISN'T MINE, JUST A PIECE OF DECORATION TO BRIGTEN UP MY BLOG (although I do wish that I'm the owner of this pretty little garden. How do they do it?).

4) Sewing and hand crafts
I've tried numerous times on sewing and the results were never very successful or looked safe enough to contribute to the human needs. I really don't have the patience but when I think about how I could make lots of pretty clothes for myself with my own designs, it should be worth it. Right now, my mum insisted that my dad sends my sister and I to this sewing club to get our sewing skills sharpened. I'm not exactly sure how things will look up but I do hope I could sew really good one day...

5) Lastly, DIETING.....
 Yes, this should be my priority. It's not like I'm fat but I could be if I don't watch out. Long school holidays mean nothing but adding more weight to the human body from over-consumption of good tasty food.... Urg, I'm practically drooling over the thought. There are a couple of fantastic dance exercise videos on youtube I should try and I'll do it tomorrow. If I have the willpower. Wait, I must do it! Figting!


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