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The Perfect Writing

by - Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ever since I was a little kid (not the goat "kid" mind you), I never had a neat writing. I partly blame my genetics because both my parents have about the same problem as me, only less worse but there are its advantages. However, I've always wondered why my other sisters aren't affected at all. Beats me. Anyway, my friends are forever telling me that I'll be a doctor when I grow up which is very unlikely. I can't stand the sight of the beating human heart or slimy blood vessels. I get really sick when I do because they look so...I don't know, horrible? Disgusting? I could watch all of that on the telly but when it comes to the actual situation, count me out! My writing is somewhere in between the readable and the unreadable, but between you and me, I say its much closer to the random scribbles made by a baby than a madman. Don't ask me why I haven't tried to improve my style of writing because I've already failed in numerous accounts in the past and they never seemed to end in a good way. When I see a friend with beautiful writing, I tried to copy too but somehow or other, I'll come back to where I've started; my monster style of a writing. To me, writing so neatly takes too much time and effort. I'm always get left behind when I'm doing one of my attempts at improving myself. Note to self; DON'T TRY IT AGAIN. A style of writing reflects the writer, am I right? So, I guess I shouldn't bother changing it because it's pointless. It's the genes. Ha ha ha. Today's scribbles is definitely random and yes, quite pointless but isn't that what its supposed to be? Random?


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