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Novel: Persuasion (Classics)

by - Monday, December 23, 2013

It must be a new habit or something but I will say this despite that. Gosh, it must be quite some time since I've last posted anything. I would be lying if I said I was busy because really, I wasn't. Trying to discipline myself to write on my second book is a lot harder than it looks. I'm forever tempted to click on the Internet icon and browse through my Facebook page or some other websites. However, I had found a perfectly suitable solution to my problem which, I hope so very much, could last for an eternity. It's music. I'm listening to a really beautiful song from my new favourite singers, Celtic Women. Their slow but peaceful music helps me to concentrate better when the volume is adjusted properly. Oh see, I'm rambling too much now. Let's stick to the topic.

I'm almost finished with the book Persuasion written by my favourite English classics novelist, Jane Austen. I think it was her the last novel she wrote before she died which made it even more special. Anne Elliot is the main character of this story. She originates from a great and noble family but from what I've read, she doesn't really think it too highly. I like her because she is so woman-ish. I mean if I actually reflect on myself, I'm too different from her. I'm not very feminine in every sense of the way, impatient yes and too robust. Anne is a very sweet-tempered person, pretty, knows just what to do in an emergency situation when everyone else is panicking and has many friends who love her. I think its such a shame that she doesn't have as much love as she deserve from her single parent, Sir Walter and sister, Elizabeth who by the way, likes only to associate with the high class society and people of nobility for the sake of keeping the Elliot's name respected. As I've read through the wonderful passages of the story, it is quite clear that Anne isn't very steadfast to her principles or opinions. She is easily persuaded in doing things she is against. Mary, her youngest sister is always taken "ill" and constantly ask for Anne's company when she rather do something else. She could have decline the invitation and suggest Elizabeth or other relatives to do it but she doesn't. I don't like the fact of her lack of steadfastness that allows people like her father and sister to take advantage of her weakness. 

However, she does share feelings that we all experience as human beings in searching and maintaining a good relationship with the people we love. It is obvious with her good nature, she does not like to trouble anyone or let two parties quarrel without giving her own opinion to resolve the situation. She searches and treasures the good quality of a person and is careful in starting any relationship with a stranger, such as Mr Elliot, her cousin. I felt pity for her when she struggled with her emotions during her meeting with Mr Wentworth, her almost fiancée from eight years ago. She had to find out herself whether he forgive her for refusing his proposal and breaking his heart all those years ago. He is a good man with a sincere intention, who would not be hurt with a refusal? However, in the end of the story, he told her he still loved her just as she to him.

I think its important to both read the novel and watch the movie to get a better understanding of the story. I've done just that and I hope everyone who is interested would do just that. 

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