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Cold Days

by - Friday, January 24, 2014

Ha ha ha. Yes, nobody could deny how cold these days have been in the past weeks in Malaysia. There hasn't been much happenings except for the strong cold winds and grey moody clouds floating high up above. I can't even use the air-conditioner anymore unless I want to freeze solid in my sleep. My family have to resort to the old fashion ceiling fans to keep our room ventilated but we still have to huddle in our duvets from the cold air. I can't say it's freezing here in Malaysia, just a lot colder than usual. Despite the chilly moody weather, it has helped us in many ways like saving our electricity and water bills (he...). Well yeah, no air-conditioner so lower bills! I was just joking although I really love cold and cloudy weathers like this. It's not too hot so I could go out for a run in the evening for a little exercise without suffering any further sun burns that I don't need. Mum seems to like it too. I've just read today's newspapers and it says the cold phenomenon is caused by:

What our Cameron Higlands and other cold regions in Malaysia looks like.

1) the wind blown from China  and Russia which are facing the cold weather at the moment.  

2)There are also reports saying it is caused by the extreme weather conditions in other parts of Europe and the United States. How are you guys there? Is it that chilly? I mean, I saw some videos on the news and the Internet about what it looks like in the US right now. I've never seen so much snow in my life, let alone cars being buried deep in cold white snow!
               Washington Square Park

3) Scientists think it is caused by drastic global warming that causes melting sea ice in the Arctic and changing weather patterns. This is why we have to stop polluting our poor Earth. It's practically suffocating with all the poisonous gases and intoxicated water we created. Maybe in the nearby future, I'll write out something about saving planet earth which of course I will also try to follow and practice in my everyday life. It's unfair for me to tell everyone to save planet earth while I'm here with the air-cond on.
Gosh, I feel so sorry for our adorable polar bears and penguins there. There's not enough ice for them to step on!

4) There is also a talk about lack of lower sunspot activity. Usually, when this happens, some region of the planet will suffer from droughts and heat waves.

 But I think it won't last too long. Scientists say it's normal to occur once in a while and we'd be back to being warm-blooded in no time at all. For now, keep that mug of hot chocolate close, wrap yourself with a blanket/jacket and appreciate the cold before the long summer heat comes! Thanks for reading. :D

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