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So far so normal....

by - Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello, to anyone who happens to pass by this almost half-abandoned blog of mine. Excuse the insufficient entertainment;music videos/player, glittery stuff flying all over the page plus distracting readers etc. etc. but I'm not too good with adding accessories to my blog. I like it just the way it is. For now. Ha! Ha! Knowing me, I could change it once or twice in every few months while sticking to the theme red as much as possible.

As I've said on the title, not much has happened these days but as promised, I'll keep my dear blog updated as much as possible. Of course, I won't talk over the weather again since it's been as cloudy and moody-looking as the previous days and obviously, not worth to talk about.  

Let's talk about my reading progress (again...). Bear with me, people. I've finished reading two books from the Princess Diaries series which I've enjoyed very, very much. Princess Mia is one of the characters I'd love to come to life and maybe hangout with her since she's so comical and lightens up my life. You can't stop yourself from laughing when reading the AWESOME book and then show to everyone what the joke was (note here, I always do this to my sisters when they're at their most busiest. Sorry!). I shall buy more of the series since I've only got a fraction of it and it's just not enough. I must have ALL of them to quench my thirst (bookworm disorder, see). Well, it will only become a reality once I've collected enough pocket money to buy some which will take some time. But I'm getting there, no worries.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the mouth-watering series of the Princess Diaries!

Earlier this month, I've gone through the search engine to search for a website that offers young people like me to voice out our opinions and share ideas with other people around the world. And that's when I found Debate.org.  It's AWESOME. They have daily polls and new topics for everyone to vote and comment and discuss together. I think it's a great opportunity to anyone who wants their mind sharpened and exercise their skills in debating for those who clearly belong in the "debating world" which I clearly am not but would love to. There is a mixture of the old and new generation all bind together in this website which makes it really fun yet beneficial and fills up your time with good things.

A few days ago, I happened to stumble upon this one interesting article about how FB would die out soon like myspace in a few years time. I could only say "Are you sure? Because as far as I could tell, everyone is dying to be on FB every moment of their life." I guess there's a high probability for that to happen especially with all the new social websites appearing out of nowhere recently like Twitter, Tumblr (I have no idea how to navigate through this web), Instagram and so on.

Well, that's all for today. Hope to hear from you guys soon! 


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