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How Spreading a Little Kindness Makes Your Day SUPER AWESOME....

by - Friday, February 07, 2014

I know the title is a bit too long when I could just summarise it if I tried... which I won't. Ha ha ha. Like usual, before I start my little entry for the day, allow me to greet you with an"Assalamualaikum" to all my exhausted Internet travellers out there who happens to pass by this lonely land I call my Blog. 

I did a little good deed this wonderful yet extremely hot afternoon but it made me so happy throughout the day. And it wasn't something so big anyway! I don't want to say what it is that I did because I want it to be my little secret so I won't feel proud or arrogant over it. You get me? Keeping it to myself and hoping Allah would reward me for whatever sincerity that I had when I did IT. 

This is what I wanted to post about today: Spread kindness wherever you are because not only is it so easy but it would really tug a huge smile on your face. Note to self and everyone reading this, smiling makes you look younger!!! So flash that beautiful little smile you've been keeping to the people you pass by on the street, say a Hello! to your neighbour before you leave home for work/school, give RM1 or whatever spare cash you have to a homeless individual you see on the street and tons of other small things you could do. And let me tell you this, it's worth it, for you and everyone else too.

Don't stop and say, 'I'll do it later when I feel like it...". Do it now!!! Good luck.

Thanks for reading and hope for another entry from me soon (tomorrow maybe? We'll see....  :D)

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