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Introducing you to Raisin and Walnut

by - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Property of Azhar b. Mohamad Hadi
What I'd do to hold her in my hands. She's so cute! I'm not sure whether this is R or W. If you must know, Raisin is very well-mannered and reserved, for a hamster that is. She's quiet, a little lazy when it comes to exercising, loves to eat and very patient with Walnut who is the COMPLETE opposite of Raisin.

Walnut on the other hand, is like the bossier and boisterous twin. She love to run in her exercise wheel even in the midst of panicking. You could hear her exercising every night by the sound of squeaky wheels. She thinks she's Spiderman by the way she climbs up the cage rails. She also thinks she is invincible to pain and the probability of death as she likes to jump of the first floor in her cage to the ground to avoid using the stairs.

AWW.... They love to sleep really close to each other. Even in the heat!

'Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep here!'

Property of Azhar b. Mohamad Hadi
'Come on, Raisin. Give them a pose to die for!'

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