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Major Disappointment

by - Thursday, February 20, 2014

Assalamualaikum and a very good day/night/afternoon/evening to all my exhausted Internet travellers out there and thanks a lot for coming over to my blog! I know I should have continuously keep this blog updated but I was quite busy this week so... yeah. But I'm here now with little stories to tell you guys, excluding gossips of course.

I'm not sure whether I've ever mentioned to you about how much I was looking forward to this really famous and massive book fair that is currently running throughout these two weeks in Malaysia. I was so so so excited when I heard about it and I told the whole world and on a few social websites (like this one. HAHAHA... UGH...) about just how much I wouldn't miss it for the world. It's sad to say that I must take my words and hopes back and bury it really deep, deep at the back of my mind. I don't think I can make it because my parents think we've spent enough money/investments on books last December. Another reason is because I still have a few number of books still waiting to be read on the beautifully built-in bookshelves in our study room. Sigh, it is such a breath-taking view, you know, just staring at wonderful books in front of your eyes. Do you know the feeling? Books, mummy will read you guys soon!

Don't they look so delicious???? I don't care what books they are, I just want to hold them in my arms forever!! Okay, I sound weird so let's move on, shall we?

Anyway, I have to agree we have over-spend our budget a "bit" during our last book shopping but my obsessed bookworm of a heart keeps on telling me I'm leaving something really precious that I will regret for the rest of my life. I mean, there are literally tons and tons of cheap books being sold and I won't be there! Bookworms and other human species involved with books in their life would understand how I feel... probably. I felt even worse when they announced what books were being sold in the book fair on my facebook notice feed. That's probably why my FB account was a little too quiet lately.

If you guys are worried, don't be! I'm tending my really fractured heart (can I say that when it comes to books?) and I'm almost back to the old me again. Yay!

That's all from me today. I'm really sorry for sending such a lousy entry for you guys but I will make it up soon, when I'm fully cured and energized. Meanwhile, let's hope something "happening" would come up into my dull and even life. Maybe seeing a flying cat in the air or some other bizarre things worthy of your time to read about. Anyway, thank you so much for dropping by and stay HAPPY.

Do you guys remember when I said how I would share a few pics of our extremely cute hamsters? I'm still trying to find where my dad keeps the pictures so, hold on! Hold on!

If you're a really keen observer or you just have really great eyes, you would notice the Art Work page tab or whatever you call these things has completely disappear. And the question is not where but why? Oh yes, WHY?! It goes like this; I thought some anonymous person had copy & paste one of my drawings as his/her profile pic on Facebook and naturally, my blood just boiled probably over 100 degrees Celsius. But instead of giving the person a warning or saying that I wasn't pleased with what he/she did with my drawing, I deleted the Art Work page tab on my blog before thinking of doing the two steps earlier. Yeah, way to the go smart brained me. Yippeee..... Oh, and it turned out this person was my sister. So.... hmmm....

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