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My Poor Keyboard!

by - Thursday, February 13, 2014

Assalamualaikum and welcome again to my humble blog to all my wonderful Internet travellers out there! How are you guys doing over there, wherever you are? I hope everyone is well and happy throughout this awesome week! Gosh, its been ages since my last entry and this place has gone a little dusty. It seems like forever since my last entry but who cares? I miss typing out really random stuff here! I better start typing to cheer it up a bit.

As I've said in the title above, I have almost shamelessly and without regret killed my poor little laptop keyboard. Actually, I'm trying to learn how to type "properly". You know without looking at what I'm typing, just between my hands, eyes and the screen across my face. It was my mum's idea saying that it would really help me in finishing my assignments at a faster rate and without straining my old eyes and stiff neck (wait, is she referring me to Granny?). I'm using a special software that teaches eager and obviously unskilled students like me this specific life essential skill. 

It's already Day 2 and I have completed 12 out of 14 lessons!!! I feel really proud of myself.... that is until I came across  today's lesson 13. In this hardy lesson, I have to master this "skill" to type out words in capital letters using the two shift buttons. I failed miserably at this task and I had to repeatedly take the test numerous times until I called it a day and gave up. I did so because my sister threatened to beat me up if I keep on slamming my fists on the keyboard. Anger management issues?

 Of course I must face it again tomorrow and pass the test in order to move on to the next lesson. Grr.... Honestly, who invented the keyboard this way? My little pinkie barely reached the Shift button which in my eyes, is like a thousand millimetres away. Maybe I need to do pinkie stretching before I try out for the test tomorrow....

Anyway, how many of you guys actually mastered this crucifying skill because I totally respect you guys... 

Well, that's all for today. Hope for another "BLURGH" entry from me real soon when I find more fresh ideas to feed your brains (and mine). Wish me luck!

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