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Size Zero is Not Cool

by - Sunday, February 02, 2014

Hello and assalamualaikum blogger peeps! Has been almost a week since I've actually posted something. Here is a quick one since I don't have the time to elaborate, you know, Mum is shouting at me to get to sleep already. No wait, she's gone so I'm all set to go!

We've watched three short documentaries on Youtube together. There has been a short supply of new movies on the net and I'm too lazy to spend hours on end looking for one that we'd all enjoy. So, in our last documentary, Super Slim Me Full, it tells how how insufferable it will be in pursuing a dangerous and life threatening size people name, "Size Zero". Basically, the results would be super scary with bones jutting out from underneath your skins and you'd look like a zombie who just crept out from the grave.  

Yes, it's true people could fit in the trendiest and skinniest of clothes, but even with all the luxuries surrounding them on all sides, they have to constantly torture themselves to not eat just about anything to maintain their deathly body size. Not only that, if you could spare half an hour watching the video below, you could see how tiring it is to get a Size Zero. You won't be happy instead, you'd rather stay away from your friends and be alone to brood over that nagging hunger. 

Hey, why don't we all try to stick to the best and healthy weight for us instead of starving ourselves? You'd be fit and energetic, in better moods and most important of all, you won't get health risks. Look up for your BMI and if you're a little overweight (like me.... ugh!), exercise and eat healthier, not literally cut out food altogether. Well, that's all from me for now. I'll be back once daylight comes to Malaysia. Assalamualaikum (peace be upon you).


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