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by - Monday, February 24, 2014

Assalamualaikum and a verrrrryyyyyy awesome day to everyone who reads my blog. I actually didn't plan on writing another entry so soon but I just felt like slamming my fingers on the keyboard and write about something, which I assure you I will in just a few seconds if you just keep gliding your eyes to the right and proceed to read the following sentences.

So anyway today, I attended a seminar about dementia as an amateur photographer with my mum who I think leads the program. It was an unforgettable experience, taking photos of the many participants present and the guests invited to carry out their talk on  their respective topics but somehow one way or another related to dementia, a syndrome I've only heard of very recently. Even though I had to busy myself taking tons and tons of pictures throughout the entire event and almost severed my wrists carrying that heavy camera wherever I go, I managed to pick up a few basic information about dementia like the symptoms faced by the patients (mainly consisting of elderly folks), theories on how dementia is developed, how carers should treat these people and so forth. 

Most of the participants who attended were students and other people who work with people facing dementia so they knew more about it than me. Of course being a photographer does have its disadvantages. Since the event was so well received, free seats were scarce and some participants had to make do with stiff metal chairs at the back. I, on the other hand sat nimbly on the stairs at either one side of the hall waiting for the right moment to go snapping with my camera (ok, it's my dad's. I'm only borrowing it. hehe...). But other than that, it was quite enjoyable.

A participant trying to repeat the ten objects told to memorize. 

Participants folding pieces of tissue in one of the activities in the seminar.

*For more pics and info, like H-Care Facebook page. Click here.

Back at home, I had to force myself to take an afternoon nap which I'm not very used to because I worry that I won't fall asleep easily later at night. I made sure I don't over-sleep the one hour sleeping period I set up unless I deliberately want to lie awake in bed staring into the pitch darkness of the night for hours on end. But due to unfortunate events like eating highly MSGs contained food at the seminar (Who would have thought innocent looking veg dishes intoxicated with MSG could make your life miserable in a matter of hours. My mum said it's worse when I ate over half a plateful of the veg)  I attended plus the uncomfortable ride back home (never try to read any reading materials in the car! No, don't even think of giving it a go for those who never experienced it before. You'll regret it for the rest of the day...), I developed awful headaches and painful stabbing tummy ache. Two bottles of drinking water later, I was fast asleep in the shimmering  afternoon sunshine and intense heat. So much for the ceiling fan I switched on. I'm all good now although a little sneezy like after every nap I ever taken.

How I feel my head is like when I sneeze. Do you guys feel the same way too? If yes, high-5!!!

But enough of today's "little" drama and let's move on to something more fun. Do you know the one thing I love to do (besides reading stories off Wattpad and Figment) is watching movie and drama bloopers on Youtube? Usually I'd watch the bloopers when there aren't any interesting movies to watch or I need a mighty kick to start my day to cheer up and s-m-i-l-e. It's a lot more entertaining and hilarious than watching the movies themselves. Who would have thought actors and actresses have to redo their act a dozen times for only one scene? And what about having difficulty to pronounce simple words like the rest of us? I find it really funny.

Here is a blooper video on one of my favourite dramas of all time, MERLIN!

Alright folks, that's all I can offer for today. Hope for more "happening" events coming in soon in the near future. In the meantime, S-M-I-L-E......


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