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Sorry, I can't think of a title. AGAIN...

by - Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all Internet travellers who happen to pass by this lonely and somewhat lame blog. Today, after  days of frantic thinking of what to say in my blog, I finally found something. Something that will probably blow your minds to bits after reading the first few boring words. Not to worry, it won't be too boring and in fact, there are bits that might interest you. Maybe. Ha ha ha. You decide.

Recently, the cold and freezing temperature in my hot and humid country has suddenly disappeared. Now, all we have are the blazing sun (Sun, you're doing great up there!), strong warm winds and not a single fleck of clouds in sight. Such a perfect day to dry up your body to bones. Just kidding! The evenings are wonderful for a nice jog round the neighbourhood, playing kites and badminton. Surprisingly, the streets are almost as bare as this blog. Seriously, where did everybody go? Inside their cosy living room watching TV or still stuck in traffic jams. BLURGH! When I grow up (I am now, but what I mean is when I'm older, like an adult. urgh...), I won't bother buying myself a heavy space hogging car and end up spending half my precious youth in traffic jams. We'll get our MRT done later this year or  is it next year? Besides, there's plenty of buses and taxies around, right?

I think this is one of the cute and small Japanese cars. I know, I found it on Google Images but the important thing is the car. Can you imagine how amazingly spacious big cities would be and how much the government could save on building car parks with  cars like this hitting the road?! 

If you've been wondering what I'm currently up to then I'll tell you. I'm finishing the second sequel of Dear Diary and now trying my hands on illustrating it. That's right, I am my own book illustrator. It's a little tiring and time consuming, but I'm saving quite a lot of money and  I get to test my so-called artistic skills. (Check out my Art Works! Thank you!)

This lioness reflects exactly how I feel right now. Huu.....

I have a few pictures of our ADORABLE little hamsters which I will try to upload it here. I will show the world and the entire universe (right to the aliens in outer space if they have Internet) of their adorableness!!!

Thanks for reading! Will update soon....

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