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Surviving in the Wild

by - Thursday, February 06, 2014

Even thought the title says that, I didn't go out in the wild and try to live on my own. It's not because I hate the idea of it, in fact I've always dreamed of camping under the stars and eating real stuff from nature. ON MY OWN. I think everyone must have the same dream too once in their lives. You know, run away from your busy life now and find peace in between strong forest trees and breathe in fresh cool air you'd only get in the wild. I think reading too much Enid Blyton books influenced me in some way. Ha ha. How about you guys?

 It all sounds so easy being in the wild I mean. Most documentaries I watched on TV seems to tell it that way too. All you need is the right equipments, find and make a suitable shelter, make some weapons like a spear and hunt your next meal. EASY. But after watching this specific video, it made me realise it's harder than it looks. You have to constantly think of your safety and on high alert against some animals trying to hurt you or even worse. That is scary. I'm not really animal/bug friendly so you can just imagine my really lame efforts in surviving in the wild. I might not even last for a day without a guide. And what about finding food once your food rations gone dry? You might not get a single catch of rabbit or some other soon-to-be meals in days and you'd go hungry and frustrated.

 This is why I think Ed was really brave to travel from one area of Alaska to another despite his constant fears of bears prowling nearby. If I was in his place, I might never come down from the trees in case a bear hiding in the bushes might pounce on me and shred me to pieces. He also tried numerous times in getting some food even though he was getting weak and a little thin after weeks in the wild, away from civilisation and people.

 But as I've said earlier, it would be absolutely exciting and great if I ever get the chance to step out and live in the wild for a week or so. You can't fully appreciate nature in cities where there's not much trees or wild animals around (unless you're counting the noisy wild dogs on the streets!).

Well, that's all from me for now. It's not much but I hope you enjoyed it. :D
See ya!

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