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The 10 Things I Come To Learn as I Grow Up (Still growing by the way...) ~ part 1

by - Saturday, February 22, 2014

Assalamualaikum (peace be upon you) and welcome to today's blog entry! Before I get on with my usual boring lecture, is the title too long? I was having this great urge all day to write something really interesting even though I have no idea what. But then suddenly (like a few minutes ago), I have this brilliant idea to write about the few things I learned as a child right up till now. Maybe some of these "life essential" lessons created by my parents and the surrounding society are similar to what you guys were taught as a kid.

 Send me your feedbacks on the strange things taught by your lovely parents. Anyway, I decided to divide this topic into a few parts and I might not write them out for the next entries straight away, just when I feel like it. Despite the list only ending to 10 things, the elaborations I'll be typing out would be really looong (you know what happens when you let me have my way with the keyboard. I'll keep on typing!) and I don't want to purposely torture my fingers and corrupt the sanity of my readers and of course, the writer of today's article (article? can I call it that?).

1) Eating rice with too much sweet soy sauce ("kicap manis" as we Malays prefer to call it) can make your skin turn black. Swallowing seeds and you will end up with plants growing inside your body.

Truthfully, I really would like to know which genius created these ridiculous myths all kids right up till this generation fear when sitting at the dinner table. I love putting that black liquid stuff on my rice with a few vegetables at the side of my plate. It's so tasty and I'd add another plate of rice just to further enjoy the flavour on my taste buds but after I finished eating, I would check my arms and face in case something black start to grow on me. So far, I'm good. 

Swallowing seeds? I've been doing this accidentally and deliberately all my life. I used to be really careful when I eat oranges with the seeds in  them, just in case I swallowed one. But it all changed during this one time when I was with my parents at the wet market when I was younger. We were sampling some oranges at one of the fruit stalls and knowing me, I relished the pieces of oranges my mum passed to me without checking whether there were seeds inside or not. Maybe I was too hungry to give it a thought. Anyway, Mum spotted something that caught her eye in another stall and she marched off. I quickly followed from behind, still relishing on the orange. She walked a lit bit too far and I was going to tell her to slow down but something stopped me. I swallowed the seeds. I stopped in my tracks and waited for leaves to start growing out of my ears and underneath my nails. 

Time passed but nothing happened. So ever since that day, I never minded how many seeds I swallowed. It's almost as harmless as swallowing migraine pills, not that I have frequent migraines or anything.

It was quite good actually despite being still very, very hot and sunny. There were strong winds which is like gold to people like my family who appreciate such little luxuries. With the unchanged weather, I have to water my chilli plants and other unknown vegetables I'm growing all the time because they dry up pretty quick. Where is the rain???


Yes, I've finally get to stretch my stiff limbs by jogging/half-walked round the park after a stressful week. I was pretty determined to stick to my diet plan this time including doing frequent exercises. Jogging seemed like a good idea which was why I tagged along with my parents to the park in the first place. Buying yoghurt with delicious ice-cream plopped on the top from one of those fancy trucks somehow ruined my mission at losing a few kilograms, not that I'm fat just an individual who wants to be fit. He he he. But as they say, just keep on moving forward and forget the failures in the past or something that goes along that line. Will stick to the PLAN this time.

I will try to restore the Art Work in the near future once I've created another piece of "art". So, look forward to that!

Thanks for dropping by and be sure to come back soon. 

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