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The Water Cuts, More Hot Weather and Valentine's Day

by - Saturday, February 15, 2014

I should really think about shortening all my entry titles because when I look back, they are a bit too long. But what is important is readers will know exactly what I'm talking about instead of spending 5-10 minutes not making head or tail over my blog entries. 

Hold up, just a little thought. Who on earth invented these idioms and phrases and such? It's hilarious and totally unrealistic. "Head or tail", are they talking about US human beings? If they (whoever came up with this idiom I mean) are talking about heads, we all apparently seem to have one installed since we first started to exist inside our mums and about the tails, yes we used to have one (look for embryology stuff, coccyx is that what is's called?) but gradually lose it as we grew and is now nothing but an invisible stump no one else can see. Not that we could because it's really small and I don't want to bother to find a picture on Google images for an example because Internet only shows really bizarre results like... I just leave you guys to check it out for yourselves.

Anyway, let me start with my usual "Assalamualaikum" to all of you who made this treacherous journey to my humble abode of a blog. In today's entry which isn't very much but I will make it up somehow hopefully would enlighten you in this present time where weathers are very unpredictable and trying. Talking about weathers, here in Malaysia is as hot and dry as I've told you before in my previous entry. There was little rain yesterday and I think the day before that too but it was sooo little and the temperature felt pretty much the same, hot and hot and HOT. Due to the prolonged heat and no sights of good clouds to indicate rain, our water resources are drying up fast. I mean, some places in my beloved country aren't receiving any water since a few weeks ago and people at certain regions here have to BUY mineral water for everyday use and quenching their thirst. Now that I think about it, it's strange that we have to take out our money in order to BUY water when it is something essential for our everyday needs. It's like buying soil to grow  more plants in your garden. We practically live on soil (soil is everywhere for those who never seen that brown thing) but here we are going to the plant nurseries BUYING a bag of soil.

Soil anyone?
As I was saying, everyone who still have water resources left (which means those whose taps haven't gone dried yet), are  filling in whatever buckets, containers and whatnot with as much water as they can. Not far from where I live, a whole Chinese family have packed their suitcase to spend an entire week abroad because they aren't getting their water supplies. Now that sounds like a  great idea and I think just about everyone dreams of trying it out to escape this water crisis .If weathers don't improve for the better, we will dry up like worms under the sun. In my **teen of life, I have never faced anything like this. I'm sure of it. Also in the local newspaper I've just read today, more snow is hitting on USA again. Keep warm guys and stay indoors! I don't know what else to say because we don't have snow problems where I come from. 

 But for every disaster Allah inflict upon a nation/individual comes a lesson. We should really appreciate for WHATEVER we have and not waste it. So maybe the extreme hot weather in my country could be a good thing. Our country is obviously potential of generating enough electricity with all this sun nowadays so we don't have to depend on environment-polluting substances to do that. Our natural resources which we so depend on is clearly depleting and we have been told earlier about it but I haven't heard anyone doing anything concerning the matter which if nobody has noticed, will generally affect our lives in the close future. Authorities who have the power to do something about it should start a program to carry out researches and deeper studies on how to benefit our other not-so-famous-but-otherwise-more environment -friendly alternatives to take over our present resources that will fail us in the future.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention about Valentine's day which everyone seems to be quite happy about. I just want to remind all my dear Muslim brothers and sisters out there that this is not a celebration we can celebrate. We aren't allowed. We, as Muslims have been given our own days to celebrate and they (the non-Muslims) have their own. Why must we join in and celebrate their celebration which is clearly against the principles of our religion? Whatever is not permitted by Allah and His Messenger are all for our own good and if you want to know what they are, I'm sure you could think of some disadvantages from this event. I'll give you one and you could look up for the rest yourselves. After nine months or around that time, more girls and young women give birth out of legal marriage. What happened to this women? And what's more intriguing, what of the innocent babies? Probably dumped in the ladies' toilets or if they are lucky, spend their life in foster homes thinking about their parents and why they were abandoned there in the first place. My mum said these poor children in homes like this seem to be lifeless. They don't have the love only parents could give. You could search it in the Internet on why we can't do that (my entry is a bit too long now and I don't want to ramp on more) with hundreds of articles of Islamic views on this event today.

Again, thank you so much for dropping by and I would like to apologise if I have said anything that could offend my readers in any way. My main objective in connecting so publicly to the Internet world is to communicate with everyone and share each of our different yet unique views and opinions. Please advice/remind me if I do anything wrong so I won't repeat any careless mistakes in my future entries, Insyaallah. Look out for my next entry soon. :)

Hyperlinks to certain websites to explain about Islamic views on Valentine's Day.

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