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by - Monday, February 24, 2014

First thing first, assalamualaikum and a very good day/night/others to everyone for sparing a few of your precious time to read through my humble abode (meaning my blogger, which is like my second home or something). Let me tell you this that today's entry might not turn out to be as interesting as usual but otherwise "hmm... yeah alright..." since not much happened today. Yeahhh....

Now that I mentioned it, I should really get cracking on my diary after leaving it almost blank for the last few weeks with the lack of interesting events. For those who don't know me very well, I've wrote a book (okay, 2 books because I've just finished writing the second series to Dear Diary!!!! Yesssss!!!!) in a form of a diary from spinning ideas out of my old diaries when I was younger. Did I tell you how embarrassed I was to read through my own
diary written back when I was a kid? It's like reading an essay with many, many grammatical errors and messy sketches originally intended to illustrate exactly how one event was like. But it was fun all the same. I've been keeping track of my diaries for the last 7 years or so and it's good to know how my style of writing gradually changed for the better and matured my sense of thoughts are, less childish I guess. But I do have my immature moments now and then like we all do.

Anyway, what on earth was I babbling about? Nevermind. Let's go on with today's topic before I forget what my real intention of typing out here. I didn't really do much after attending martial arts class early in the day and afterwards, I was too tired to do anything drastic. I read through the Sunday's newspapers filling with ghastly and gloomy pieces of news. Usually, I'd skip the first few 20 or so pages just to skip the unimportant stuff about leaders fighting with one another and other little bickering just to read the views and opinions sections. But today's news were a little distracting. Seriously, media practically live on unfortunate events like bloody and mysterious deaths, exploding bombs and such to run their businesses. Since when was the last time did they talk about something pleasant? But then again, why would they? Readers do want something awful to keep them interested and entertained in their spare time.

My mum wants me to write something in the opinion and views section and I'll quote this in her words "you always have something to say on your blog (yes, she's quite a frequent visitor to my blog... hehe) so why not talk about a good issue in the newspapers?" And I thought, well maybe I could give it a go seeing it would help me to spend my plentiful of spare time wisely and making me look good in my future interviews. 2 good things in 1. 

I want to write something from a teenager perspective point of view on teen stuff since adults can't fully understand our way of thinking (we're unique yet far too complex for them to comprehend). And because of that, they might not have the ability to solve problems or give 100% good advices for teens and society. So, as a teen going to adulthood, I might have a chance to be heard and accepted... maybe. But like I said earlier, I should give it a go and besides, enjoy the moment while it last especially since it's my first time presenting my views to everyone who still take news from the newspapers (besides on the blog). How about you guys doing it to????!!!

Also today, I had dinner in a Chinese Muslim restaurant with my loving family. We never actually eaten Chinese food before besides my mum so it's something really new to us. I forgot the names of the food we ate but they tasted pretty good. I also had a go drinking Chinese tea for the first time. I don't mean to sound rude but it was sooo bitter! My sisters and I dared each other to drink as much of the tea as we could. I lost, it was too much. Mum said she thought it was fine (!!!) and told us if we keep on trying it, we might start to like it such as when we hated drinking Arabic mint tea. We're absolutely in love with it now. We could have mint tea everyday if only my own mint plant starts producing more. There is only a single mint plant growing in that big pot right now out of the many I have tried to keep alive. At least it's healthy.

Oh and you know how depressed I was when I couldn't go to that book carnival?? Well, I found another alternative to cure my depression. Reading stories written by both young and older people in a website called Wattpad and Figment. They're my most favourite websites and probably the many reasons why I'm always on the Internet. I don't just read stories blindly, I learn to observe and take note on the style of writing of brilliant writers to improve mine. It's like teaching myself to write better without spending a single cent but a mere click of the mouse. 

Well, I think that is all I could afford to say. I mean I could go on and on about more things but looking at the size of this entry, I think it's quite enough. I could save the rest for later. Thanks for dropping by!

I'm thinking of putting positive quotes after each entry. You know, to make me feel better and of course, my dear readers too. We all need something good to keep us going through these harsh times what with the weather and everything. I just realize that I always mention about weather in almost every entry I wrote. It's obvious I lack in the creativity department. 

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