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Random Rants #1 (or its it 1# ?)

by - Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Assalamualaikum everyone! When was the last time I've been here?!  About a week? Oh never mind that, because now that I'm here and finally typing something out for today's entry and living up this blog just a little. I'm not sure how long this one will be because of  the very few interesting events happening lately and I don't want to talk about something boring and capable of putting people to sleep (which we all need badly). So, it will be rather random and I hope you could keep up with my rambling rubbish. Ha ha ha. Sigh.....


ANYWAY, how you've been so far? I'm okay except for a few of my friends and family who have been under the weather for some time since the day we've all been waiting for is here, the "flu season". I haven't got a whiff of it yet, but you never know when you're next. UH-OH. Like I said earlier, not much has happened lately and time is constantly teasing me; dragging the days at an excruciating lazy and slow pace while I carried on with my usual daily business which mainly consists of translating some video transcriptions, blogging, sort some data out and listening to awesome music like River Flows in You, Moonlight Sonata and other classical music. I haven't widen my interest in finding new music lately, so who wants to recommend anything worthwhile for me to listen to? It would be just great if you do because now I'm starting to get a little bit bored listening to the same 2-4 songs 8 hours straight. You ever get that feeling?

Another AWESOME thing I wanted to talk about with you. It's finally raining!!! Alhamdullilah... I can spend some me-and-my book quality time out in the balcony while enjoying the sensation of the cool soothing wind on my face and listening to the patter of rain on our roof. When was the last time I had this? January?! Right now, it would be quite brilliant without Mr Sunshine scorching everyone to a crisp for a while. You know, so we could all enjoy Miss Rain's company while she's here. Raisin and Walnut seem to like the change of weather as much as the rest of us because they have been rather restless during those hot days not too long ago. Nowadays, they could sleep anywhere they like in their respective cages sprawled on the bedding, and sleeping blissfully with their adorable furry white tummies in the air. I'd be lying if I said I was tempted to snap a few photos of them like this. Ha ha ha.


 And not too long ago, I've been to a few educational fairs where universities; private, local or from overseas were promoting their institutionS to everyone. I'm really looking for a place where they have creative writing courses because as you know, I actually LOVE writing out stories and little articles. This would be the most perfect course for me and I have found a few places that provide that. However, there are a few complications and they are something everyone dread, FEES AND COSTS. I swear they should have a few ambulances nearby during these fairs because I'm not sure how many times I felt like fainting or drop dead on the floor and shaking like someone with hysteria when they showed my parents and I the fees and expenditures. First of all, we aren't rich but we pretty much somewhere in the cosy middle and coping quite well. Secondly, why must they put our hopes so high; showing those yummy brochures with the pictures of the grandeur of their universities with awesome libraries, cool courses, fun clubs and then they smack sheets of paper onto our still shining faces concerning the fees we have to pay up. Who in the world can pay all this anyway? Of course there are the scholarships and loans we could try to apply to get but how many of us could get chosen? And I'm not that brainy in the first place, especially when its just me and the Misses Maths, Chemistry and Physics. My biggest frenemies. Is that how you spell this? Sorry, I'm typing without looking at the keyboard and its taking forever to type a single lame sentence.

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