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Book fairs and Holidays

by - Sunday, March 30, 2014

Assalamualaikum my dear Internet travellers! How are you today, yesterday and probably the whole week since I was here?  Wow... I can't believe how dusty this place is after not writing on it on a regular basis, which I should but due to some really important events that have the power to determine the brightness of my future lately, I was kept back from here, my blog I mean. Oops. 

Since I was last here, many many things have happened, both that somehow is related to me and the people around myself. And that includes the end of the search and rescue mission for MH370 a couple of days ago which is really tragic especially for the families and friends of the passengers on board. Now, according to the news and few other reliable sources I could find, they have launched a search mission for the plane to uncover the big question behind these two long weeks of endless search for MH370; what really happened and who is really to be blamed. I don't think it's wise to point fingers at who is behind this incident until we have the evidences laid out in front of us. All it will do is cause more harm and steer us from what we're supposed to do. Search. For now, we just have to wait and hope for the best for everyone.

Meanwhile, earlier this very week, my family and I had the utmost opportunity to show up at the Putrajaya International MPH Book Fair 2014. I think that makes it our fourth time in attending a book fair this year. Ha ha ha. Lovin' books!!! I bought the one book I've been looking for since forever, Divergent. I was actually hooked on the movie trailer and when I found out that it was adapted from a novel, deep inside my brain a sparked burst and all I was thinking about is I HAD TO GET IT. So yeah, I am currently pouring over the book and cherishing ever moment of it. Unfortunately, I only bought the first book out of the trilogy and I regret (so badly) for not considering the possibility of buying the rest of the series. Where did my brain go? Oh I don't know, eating popcorn and watching some movies like a fat couch potato.

Potato taking a rest after reading his book.

 I also bought a few religious books such as Solat Emergency, Angguk Geleng and many historical non-fiction books from our favourite author (my sisters and I), Abdul Latip. I can't deny the masses of books we bought that day, but I guess we didn't mind it too much (Except for my mum and dad. There's been a huge gap in their wallets lately and I think I know the cause of that. Me..me...me... me!!!) and of course, we did use some of our savings from our respective piggy banks to pay up for some of the books. He he he.


What I really look like when I see a sea of books. Seriously

Out of the many books we somehow managed to cram in the plastic bags they gave us (it was a miracle none of the bags were torn), I bought a classical book for myself called Bleak House written by Charles Dickens. At the back cover where the synopsis and the book reviews are, it said that Bleak House is one of Charles Dickens best written works. I hope so. I'm quite a fan of Dickens because I like his style of writing and the stories he created himself. Truthfully, I have never heard of Bleak House but I will definitely, WITHOUT A DOUBT give this book ago. Fighting! 

But as I've said earlier, I'm still reading Divergent and Sense&Sensibility at the same time so Bleak House must wait for quite a while before its turn comes up. Patience!

I guess that is all I could offer to say at this moment. I can't promise you I could write again soon but I WILL if something comes up, you know something worth to tell. Anyway, before I leave, for those who live in dengue infested regions, please be very careful. Dengue isn't something you can take lightly of. Well, assalamualaikum and do come again soon, I might even make a pot of English tea and  some good old scones for you. Hohoho... Wait, do ladies laugh like that in those Victorian days???
*there goes classical literature for you!*

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