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Early Mornings, Blackouts and Sunny Days

by - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Assalamualaikum (peace be upon you) and welcome to another week of my not-so-much blog entry. I'm not sure whether I should do a weekly update on this blog like how those Youtubers do but after thinking really hard over it for just 10 seconds, I guess I don't think it's such a good idea. My argument? Very well, I shall justify 2 no wait, 3 reasons why I think that way and then you can decide whether you agree with me or not. Not that I care what your thoughts are anyway. Ha! Ha!

1) Alright, my first argument is there's not much things happening lately like sometimes I don't actually have anything "interesting" worth to tell you. Well, except maybe that awesome Islamic book fair I attended a few days ago, or how my sister and I spent 3 hours cleaning both the hamsters' cages on Sunday because they couldn't be together (Walnut isn't my innocent little puff of fur ball anymore!), or the two blackouts we had a few hours ago and I had to constantly make sure my fish had enough oxygen by pouring water in their tank. I think my arm is broken.

2) I'm a really, really, REALLY slow typer. That's half true and half not. I'm trying really hard to type on the keyboard WITHOUT looking down towards my fingers to see the letters. Remember how I told you guys I was taking a typing course? I almost completed it (14/15 lessons) and did really well. It felt a little odd to be typing outside the software and at times, I get a little lost and frustrated I was typing sooo S-L-O-W that I sometimes give up and did my thing, eyes on the keyboard, not the screen. However, my mum reassured me it was completely normal to be a bit of a slowcoach and if I keep on trying, I'll be as fast as her. Now THAT is what I'm looking forward to because she is a fast typer.

But really, I think most of the times I just don't seem to make my opinions clear enough to be understood by the public blog readers.

3) My last point is and I'll say this once, I'm just too lazy to do it, alright? What? I got a life going on outside this virtual world too. I'm a HUMAN. JUST. LIKE. YOU.

Bear 1: Whatcha lookin' at?
Bear 2: My toes.

Malaysia Weather forecast

No rain, no rain, no rain and NO rain.
Sunny, very sunny, sunny and very, very sunny.

And that's it for today's entry! Yes, it's not much but that's all I got so... hope that I get an awesome day to happen so I can write down something cool and funny. But before you leave and remind yourselves to never come back here ever again, do remember to vote on the poll at the side. No need to be shy. And have a fantastic day/night/ afternoon or whatever. Assalamualaikum!

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