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UH-OH, Watch Out For Miss.Dengue!

by - Saturday, March 08, 2014

Assalamualaikum (yeah, I think I'll be sticking to this special greeting from now on. It's fast, easy and I won't have to further elaborate the good morning, afternoon and night any further. Did I tell you it has a really special meaning? May peace be upon you...) to all Internet travellers out there. Come in, come in from this dreadful weather from wherever you are and take a few minutes to read through today's article/ entry (?). Whichever your pick.

Just by looking at the word "dengue", you might think I'm going to write out this long, dull and extremely brain-killer speech about dengue, its origins, maybe some bits of it's history, the gruesome part about the estimation number of it's human conquests and bla... bla... bla... But really, I'm going to go straight to the point on how to prevent ourselves from being going-to-be dengue victims especially to those readers who live in a climate where mosquitoes love to hang out for the whole of their tiny life span like hot and sunny Malaysia. Listen and take extreme and drastic actions, my people!

Yummm... time for me to tuck in!

 I'm not sure whether any of you watched the show in Berita Bernama around two days ago when they were discussing about the dengue epidemic in Malaysia between the host and the guest, an expert in this field. She said most Malaysians aren't taking this seriously, thinking it does not have anything to do with them or if I could make it sound more simpler, "WE'RE SAFE AND NEVER GOING TO GET INFECTED! YIPPEE!". But guys, dengue mosquitoes could be buzzing anywhere whether it's in your workplace, our children's schools, your neighbours' homes.... just anywhere and that means anyone of us could catch it unless we do something to solve this before it gets out of control. Don't you feel a little afraid when they reported the number of dengue infected cases reported in the last two months in 2014 alone?  Let me give you a hint, it's not little.
Don't be like this dude, okay?

Right, first things first, you know how some parts of our country is also having a water crisis at the moment due to this prolonged hot weather and the lack of rain? And people are gathering and storing as much water as they can as we speak despite their housing area is already free off the water rations? I think this is one of the cause of the swift spread of the dengue fever in our community. And maybe, in other countries too. 

Water contained in open buckets and containers in our homes, stagnant pools of water in the drains, whatever containers in the house where water don't flow and provides heavenly homes for their larvae to live. I know we have to be prepared in case another sweep of that water ration comes again but let's do it properly, you know, not risking our lives and the people we love.

Steps to save ourselves and our love ones:

1. Cover the buckets/containers that don't have its lids with plates, bin bags (clean and unused please) or anything you think suitable. Make sure you completely cover them. Mosquitoes are really sneaky and clever little creatures and they could just squeeze through a small hole to get to the water.

2. Throw water contained containers you don't want to use and keep them somewhere dry facing downwards. This is so that water won't accumulate inside and thus, not grabbing unwanted interest from mosquitoes.
Please don't this publicly like in front of a passer by or something. They'd think your house got flooded or worse, Titanic is sinking in your bathroom.
3. Close all doors and windows when the clock starts chiming at 6PM. Oh, and keep them close early in the morning too. Try not to let your kids or yourselves from being outdoors at these times because this is when mosquitoes are buzzing annoyingly around to look for a good bloody meal, like us.

4. Try to wear long sleeved shirts and long trousers to cover as much skin as possible. 

I think that's all for today. I'm sorry if it's not as interesting as it should be but I'm all out of ideas. But I do hope everyone reading this would take extra precautions towards this epidemic because you know, there is no cure for dengue fever. Probably not in another 5 or 10 years or so. And we only live once so in the mean time, keep yourselves alive and well.  Anyway, don't forget to vote on the poll at the side for my future entry. Line up and don't be shy!

Cats... never ever got bored of them. Adorable!!!

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