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UPDATES: Raisin, Walnut and their Pups!

by - Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to you all. It seems like ages since I've last been here, well I've been on my blogger dashboard a lot, complimenting myself for having so many viewers and then continue to be swept away with the many current events that happened lately. But really I've been so caught up with everything that went on last week, I didn't have the time to write down here, even though I wanted to very much. Since everything has gone almost completely normal, I SHALL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU.

As I've said at the end of the last entry(You have to scroll down for quite a bit, it was so sudden and it happened while I was just finishing up with that last entry! You didn't see it? Well, that's not my problem, is it?), Raisin has given birth to 8 healthy pups. I think the reason why the person who came up with the term "pup" was because the babies really do look their miniature puppies. Except for their lack of fur and are completely blind (but then how come they react to the torch light?). 

So that was the last piece of news I've given you. Now comes the updates. There are only 4 growing pups left. I know! I've been so upset over it despite it being completely normal. According to some websites I gloomily searched through, they say it's completely normal. Not ALL pups will survive. There was one pup which Raisin and Walnut have dejected although I thought it looked fine but I guess the parents might know what was wrong with it.

Since Raisin is now officially a mother (Aww... it feels like it was just yesterday she was young little hamster trying to bite my finger off. Adorable really...), my whole family and I made sure she gets plenty of nutrition like protein(cheese) and plenty of water to produce enough breast milk for all her pups. She's taking care of them well; ripping tissues apart and carefully placing them around her pups, makes sure they have enough milk and carries them wherever she go. There's Walnut too! He is being a great father. He puts the pups who have wriggled free from their mother back into the nest, puts them in a corner when Raisin rearrange their nest and occasionally helps to scratch Raisin when she can't reach the place that itches. However, he gets a little muddled and sometimes gets so flustered, he scatters the pups all over the bedding and Raisin has to gather them all up in the nest. Not only that, he too at times carries a pup or two in his mouth while he does his usual night run in the wheels and it could harm them if he banged them on the wheels or accidentally drop them. I've taken the wheels out so he could solely focus on caring them but it was the wrong move. He became completely crazy; jumping up the walls, climbing on the ceilings, messing the sand box and yeah, you can just imagine the chaos in there. A day afterwards, he had quieten down although still a bit fidgety. 

My sister and I, who manage the welfare of our precious pets here, found out Raisin could be pregnant again after giving birth to her pups if she stayed with Walnut a little longer. My mum, although has quite an affection to these pink wriggly pups, couldn't bear the thought of another litter of pups popping out of her soon and the space we have at home won't permit it either. To solve both the problems, we headed out to the pet store and bought a new cage for Walnut. One with wheels. You hear that, Walnut? W-H-E-E-L-S. 

Now, Raisin is being all motherly with her pups and taking good care of them while in the cage next to hers, Walnut is running freely on his new wheel. EVERYONE IS HAPPY AND WE CAN SIT BACK AND RELAX AT LAST. It's quite adorable  when Walnut perks up when he looks over to the new cage where Raisin is currently living in and vice versa. But hey Walnut, no more babies, ok?

Due to some misunderstandings and recent complications, we had to move Raisin and her pups in the new cage WITHOUT THE WHEELS and it's also Walnut-free. That pile of tissue you see over there, is where the pups are now. Raisin is upstairs.

This is the current home of Walnut. The wheels was transferred from the new cage and guess what? HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Not sure where Walnut is in the cage. Care to spot him?

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