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by - Tuesday, April 29, 2014

love struck heart cartoon character
How I felt when I read about the new book release in the WondLa series.

Assalamualaikum to all Internet travellers out there or should I say Bloggers because most people who read blogs are bloggers themselves, am I right? Or not... Haha. But anyway, how are you? Have you guys been okay this past week? I'm fine over here (where? Just somewhere in sunny Malaysia of course), you know, enjoying the really heavy tropical rain and scorching Sun and actually appreciating nature for once in my life. All you need is a bit of sunshine and a  whip of rainstorm on the side dish and Voila! you get Malaysia. A quick precaution to Malaysians and other nations who are currently facing these sudden rainstorms, stay indoors when it looks like it'd rain. Here in Malaysia, there are lighting strikes and deafening thunders on show in the sky in the evenings and it's ain't pretty if you were struck and thoroughly barbecued. Stay indoors where it's safe and play chess or something. How about monopoly? Gosh, I haven't played that game for ages.

I can't tell you much for this week's entry despite this desperate feeling I have to write something anyway. But then how could I if I haven't got any ideas, right? And if you want to enquire about how my reading is doing seeing how enthusiastic I was in my previous entry, then don't bother. My dear friends and all those who care for me, I have returned to my usual reading pace; slow, dull and somewhere very close to making no progress at all. I'm actually working so I find it hard to find time to read especially since the deadlines are drawing close and there are still much to be done. And let's not forget that I am currently worrying like some desperate old duck over the what the UPU results will be for me. Malaysian students would fully understand what I meant and feel because WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. 

But honestly, I am aware that I am making very petty excuses in my effort to read anything but newspapers. However, when all this mess is over (and turn out well.....) and I survived from minor heart attacks due to all this waiting and endless worrying, I WILL pull myself together, grab Sense & Sensibilty/ Hero For WondLa and read them till the very last page (including the covers! Ha!). 

Ohh, and talking about WandLa.... I heard that the third and last book of this amazing trilogy series will come out on early May!!! Truth is, I absolutely hate reading series books because I have to be aware of the newest updates on the next series release, fish out some more cash that I don't have and buy them from a book store, which may I add is not just a block away from home. So, it's burdening really which is why I love contemporary novels more. B.U.T I know I just can't own two books of the WondLa series when I'm totally hooked with this enchanting and exciting world with Eva Nine. MUST HAVE IT!!! Here is a picture of the third book. Want it~  ~  ~

So yeah, I think this is a wrap for this little and modest entry of mine. I can't promise you I could keep up with this scheduled (sort of) weekly entry in the near future you know, being busy and all but hey, a writer can't stay away from writing very long, right? Hopefully it could be applied to me. Thank you for dropping by!

'Why Chipstock? What exactly is Chipstock???' you questioned to yourself and maybe (just maybe for those really goody ones) search the internet for the meaning. Actually there's a very funny tale behind the word chipstock. Okay so it goes like this. I absolutely love trying out new things and in this case, eating food using chopsticks instead of my hand or spoons. It's not something a Malay person would use because we're used to using our right hands when we're eating, but whenever my mum cooks noodles or my dad makes his famous mouth-watering spaghetti, I would use my special silvery chopsticks. And this is where it starts getting interesting. I keep on pronouncing chopsticks as "chipstocks", you know, the vowels just completely messed up and it usually happens when I don't think about it and it slipped out of my mouth and I humiliate myself in front of my family. I love meee.... It doesn't stop there. Oh no, it keeps on happening right up to this present day. Chipstock!

I wish to express my most sincerest condolences to all the victims' families of the South Korean ferry. May you remain steadfast and strong.  

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