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Freedom To Syria

by - Wednesday, April 09, 2014

How many more deaths of the innocents can we bare to watch? Have we all forgotten what is currently happening in this country? Instead of fresh clean water, we see the blood of the innocents flowing like a strong endless river. Beautiful children are killed in their hundreds; shot, tortured, forced to flee from their bombed houses leaving some homeless and most, are left as orphans to fend for themselves. Can we just imagine, our sister or brothers among those dead, buried together in a mass grave? How about the women? Do we have the faintest idea how they're being treated by the soldiers? How about the sky? Does rain come down from the clouds or bombs that does not know mercy? 

No matter who you may you be, whether a Muslim, a Christian or whatever religion you're from, this massacre is clearly against all our faith's teachings. This is not the doing of a man but of a monster who craves nothing but blood. Let us do what we can for them, whether big or small, every help matters. I pray for the freedom and end of this barbaric treatment of the Syrians.

Let's all try and help them, whether big or small. I pray for the freedom of the Syrians.


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