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Newspapers, TV News Lookout and Bookworm Pal

by - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers to my abode once again or if you just happened to stumble upon this blog by chance and it's your first time, WELCOME ABOARD! If you happened to notice, which would have been a miracle, I tried my best in rearranging and redesign this page like changing the background a bit but it proved to be just as hard as I've suspected. I didn't want it to look overly-female-only because I want everyone; whether you're still a kid or old enough to be called my great grandma,  to come over and spend a few spare minutes of your time reading through my blog entries (and probably tisking over my poor grammar.....Haiiiii). Well, I tried but I still think it looks like I haven't even done anything to it. But then again, I like simple yet stylish things in their own special way. Call me weird but I love this sort of opinion.
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So yeah, lately I've been burrowing through stacks of old wrinkled newspapers we have at home trying read them through as patiently and slowly as I can. My interview (University) will come up real soon and I want to be fully prepared. I've searched through blogs and websites written by last year's candidates and so far, they've given good thoughts on this certain University ***********. Ha ha ha. They said (these bloggers I came across) all told me that I must start reading on current issues in the news by reading the newspapers straight away. But I think it's almost impossible to do just that because there are so many things going on lately; both locally and international. I just have to narrow it down to a few numbers so I could memorize them or at least having them clinging to my brain for another 5 days or less. 

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A couple of days ago, I met with one of Mum's acquaintance in an event and I can tell you this, I'm so glad I've met her. Seriously! All we talked about was around anything from books to book fairs. And we went on and on for at least over an hour about this one and only subject; books......  I can't believe I'm not the only one here with bookworm syndrome, I thought I was alone! Of course, while I like to read all sorts of books genre in general, she is more prone to reading mysteries and adventures which I also like but you know.... just certain books. We talked about the Big Bad Wold Bookfair and admitted with each other who spent the most and how far we've come in our reading. I honestly confessed that I haven't made much progress (just take Sense & Sensibility for example) mainly of my impatience in just reading one book at a time which is hard if your eyes keep roaming to the other untouched books. They're so tempting.... like a box of chocolate or something. 

We didn't talk about romance books at all except for a few brief moments. This is because I don't have much access to these books at all. And the main reason for this is because my mum literally filters all the books I want to read and she does this by scanning very VERY comprehensively through the books to make sure they're romance-free but she will overlook them if there aren't too much "icky-romance" in them or that they're classical literature which I am seriously into lately. Maybe some people might say it's against my personal rights or whatever concepts they come up with but seriously, I don't mind and I think it's doing me more good than harm. Is that right??
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Well, that's all for today.. Sorry again for not updating this lonely blog sooner but things have been holding me back but hey, I'm here (or was here since I'm going off now) and that all matters. Ha ha ha. Assalamualaikum...   
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  1. this is kind of stupid, but i can't find the follow button on your blog.

  2. Thank you for the comment. I'll make sure I fix this little problem as soon as possible. :D

  3. Hello again, Kimah_Choi. I'm really sorry but I seem to have trouble with adding the Follow button to my blog and it might take a loooot of time before I finally solve this "little" problem. However, meanwhile you could copy my main blog url

    to your "ADD READING LIST" on your dashboard to keep up with my latest entries...


  4. Oh my gosh, it's you!!! I just visited your blog a few milliseconds ago and when I read through your latest entry about the movie thing, I immediately remembered you. How are you???!!!!!


  5. hahah, ayy hello! doing great here. what about you?

    1. Hello! Well, I'm still breathing aren't I which sort of means I'm all good. Ha ha.What you've been up to??? Are you reading anything good lately? I was second last for that interview the other day so when I was going to head back home, the place was close to being empty. Scary.....


    2. Nothing really. I'm currently reading two books; 'Blink' by Malcolm Gladwell and 'Sherlock Holmes' by the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Struggling to finish them both. Don't really have times to read lately :/
      So, haw was your interview?

    3. That's awesomee. Haha. Which story are you currently reading in Sherlock Holmes because there's a lot series you have to collect. I've read the book before during the holidays and it was amazing.... Mr Holmes is a genius I'm telling you. The interview was okay until one of the interviewers looked up from her spectacles and asked me, "You sure you want to take TESL? I mean teaching kids for the rest of your life?' And you know, I must have been silent for a few milliseconds which felt like 10 minutes before I told her how much I WANTED THIS and gave her my reasons. That question really stunned me because I know she thinks I'm not quite cut out for TESL since I'm more to literature... Sigh...... Anyway, you said you had to talk about movies, what did you say???

  6. I'm reading this one : pic.twitter.com/C2lXw9vsiB /title panjang sangat/
    Ah, the interview. At first they asked me to introduce myself. So, I just do it like the usual, really short and simple/banal/ which then leads to the Chinese interviewer to ask me about my current hobby, so I told her that I'm currently catching up on some tv series; Sherlock, Hannibal etc. And then She asked me whether I enjoy watching movies. I said yes and she then asked me to tell about my favourite film. So, yeah. /I told them about the film 'Spirited Away'/

  7. Hahaha. That sounded interesting. How long did you think you were in there? I felt like I was in the room for a minute or something and when she told me I could leave, I thought she was joking. XD

  8. I don't know but yeah, it felt like a minute or so. When she told me that I could leave I was thinking like "Am I that boring?" I'm so worried, hahah.