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Ops! I Did It Again / New Book Reads / SERIOUS WRITING

by - Thursday, April 24, 2014

Assalamualaikum Internet travellers to my beautiful blog which I completely love it especially the background with a picture of a pile of books entitled Heidi. I actually got the book which is in the classic books shelf in our little study room and I'm not sure why I've never read it yet. 

I did thought of doing it many times especially when I'm in those usual moods of browsing mindlessly through the shelves looking for a good read despite I'm currently dealing with 2 books which are still in the process of reading; Sense & Sensibility (making very good progress so far, over half the book is complete. YES!!!).

There is also a new book which I bought from a book festival in Putrajaya last month, A Hero for WondLa which I've been so desperate to read since forever after I read the first book (The Search for WondLa) and was completely head over heels in love with the book. Now for those who knows me very well, then they are truly aware of how I'm not a fan of Sci-Fiction books, movies and so on AT ALL but this book cannot be ignored. In fact, I'm going to be a little bit more open to this genre since THIS particular successfully caught my heart. It's packed with adventure, fantasy and mystery and I, as a reader, just couldn't wait to turn the next page and see what happened to Eva Nine and her friends. I just want to thank my sister for introducing me to this wonderful book!!

Absolutely lovin' these books!!

Yes, yes. You've got me. I went through those videos again, you know, the ones where those awesome booktubers show off their new glossy books and holding out a massive book shelf tour of their book collections to the viewers' faces and mentally torturing their minds in the process (this goes to me). I think I'm going through some sort of addiction where I just coudn't stop drooling over their books. I need help. Ha ha ha. Kidding! But hey, I will put all the responsibility and fault over me for over-spending my last year's savings in my money box over just two mega book fairs, leaving me almost penniless. I call this the Bookworm Syndrome which keen readers and book collectors go through, the urge to grab all the books you want and make it yours. Of course, I will start saving up more money again for the next book fair to buy all the books I want (All mine..... haha)  and watch as this process replay again.

And as for the other thing I've mentioned in this week's title, I'm currently forcing my brain to accept all these new information regarding to serious and strictly business writing format. I'm not too great with writing serious because hey, I'm a fiction writer so obviously my sentences are all flowery and very, very far from serious. Well, sometimes. Yeah, so now I'm just trying to drink it all in and keep it IN THERE which would be great for a long period of time.

I guess that's all for today's entry and hopefully (so very much), I haven't lolled you to sleep since I'm basically rambling about books.Again. But you know, bookworm gene is practically a part of me and it's probably why I go wild and hungry like a half starved cat whenever I spot someone reading a book when I'm not and a book fair etc. etc.

Reading List
  1. The Bleak House- Charles Dickens (love this guy's writing style)
  2. The Secret Keeper/ Distant Hours- Kate Morton (got loads of good reviews on her books)
  1.  Some other classics like Dracula (I have no idea what this story is really about except for vampires), A Journey to the Centre of the Earth (I have already read this book when I was little but it was the children's version so the texts weren't original. However, I do remember how immensely enjoyable this book was which is why I will make sure I'll come around to read this again).
 Books I'm keeping my eyes peeled open for
  1. The Fault in Our Stars
  2. The Hunger Game series (I've read these off from a friend of mine, would be great to have one of my own so I could read it multiple times. Loved the thrill! Hoho)

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