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Serious Essay Assignment

by - Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers! How are you? I hope everyone is as lively and well as ever. Unfortunately, this blog entry won't be very long and yes, it could get boring (really) as you go down the passage BUT please do read it anyway. It's an essay I've just written for something important and this is my FIRST TIME EVER to create something that speaks of S-E-R-I-O-U-S. I'm a storyteller so I don't normally write factual or business-ish issues so I do hope you could send in your comments and advices to make it better. And my head. Who knew writing for serious issues could cause a mighty headache? So, without further a do, please read on and enjoy. You might want a bowl of popcorn tuck underneath your arm for extra help in concentrating to what I'm trying to say. It's hard.

In my point of view, I personally agree with the opinion regarding to people’s perception in the present day on judging the worth of an individual based on irrelevant reasons such as his or her social statues and material possessions. Instead, more crucial traits including the old-fashioned values, for instance honour, kindness and trust are pushed aside and no longer valued by our society. Of course, it is wrong of me to create such a bold statement on people’s form of assessing an individual as a whole because I believe everyone is different and with this, we have certain specific and unique ways when making conclusions on a matter. Nonetheless, it is unfortunate to find a majority of our society still knee-deep in initiating irrational judgements on other individuals.

My first point as to support my opinion on this subject is it could progressively build negative psychological effects towards the individuals. Low self-consciousness, quivering lack of confidence and self-esteem, are the few out of the many examples to this effect and all very capable of obstructing and complicating one’s lifestyle in being a success at work, socialising and playing out the role model to their families and peers. People who accept these perceptions tend to lose their enthusiasm and confidence in doing their best which they are very much competent in doing, thinking they aren’t eligible and afraid their efforts would go unappreciated.
Secondly, this act of judging people’s worth can encourage attitude and personal problems. From many close up observations, it is clear people who have a habit of judging people through irrational terms develop a rather arrogant and cold manner, mainly looking down on someone’s capabilities, ill-use the goodness of an individual’s virtue for personal gain and at the same time satisfying their greediness for power and status, or a way to oppress them and so on.
And for this very reason, I urge everyone to be more sensitive and understanding when judging somebody because everyone is special in their own unique way.

So how was it? 


Fear-filled woman, biting her nails with anxiety

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