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Why? Why? Why?!

by - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Assalamualaikum to all Internet travellers out there! Welcome to my humble abode of a blog. Haha. I'm serious. Again, I know I should have kept this blog up and running at least twice a week with new updates and entries as I promised but time hasn't been a good friend with me (when has it ever really?) and I've been up on my feet doing a million things at the same time. Well, metaphorically yes but that's exactly how I felt this past week. Yayyyy..... 

I think must have mentioned this to you before
about how I literally torture my mind and soul watching videos of Youtuber bookworms flashing glossy new books fresh out of the book stores or book sales to all the viewers out there and out of them was little ol' me. *Gasping for air even though I know full well that I'm just reading this in my head but I feel like I'm reading it out loud. Ever get that feeling?!* I should have kept away because I don't need these awesome people rubbing the fact of how I lack of popular recent books on my face but did I listen to that annoying yet Miss-Mysterious-Right in my head? Not. A. Word. Honestly speaking, I have piles and piles of unread books just waiting for me to hold them lovingly in my arms (this feels like something out of Disney...) and read them all day; ignoring phone calls, the entire human race and that nice-looking cake in the fridge. It's just you and me, book-ey.... 

Well, obviously, it didn't turn out like that because my mum found myself face-flat on the laptop screen, eyeing creepily at the books in their videos. Sorry guys, weirdo coming through. Ha ha ha. 

Again, I'm still making such a painstakingly slow progress on the novel Sense & Sensibility, not that it's a horrible read or anything, but I suddenly developed this horrible habit of reading a dozen books at the same time. "I MUST STOP THIS!!!" I told myself one day and I did. Sort of. If not, I'm practically breaking every bookworm law there is. Particularly about not giving each book I read their rights of attention.

Anyway, IPTA interviews are drawing closer and I need to prepare. Alright, alright I know what you guys will say, "THERE HASN'T BEEN ANY ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THIS ON THE UPU SYSTEM, SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!" And I'll say, "CALM DOWN, OKAY?" The thing is, I want to be prepared for the interviews (Insyaallah there will be some for me...and you guys out there too!) and I must give all I got in these sessions. Good luck to everyone!!!

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