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Pricey Shoes...

by - Monday, May 26, 2014

Assalamualaikum, my dear Internet travellers out there and thanks for dropping by. Again. To tell you the truth, I have no idea what to write about for today's post. I guess I could talk about what I did today which was shopping and it's something I won't indulge in even on my free will. But it wasn't one of those mega shopping spree my besties love mind you. It was quite moderate and well, normal and uninteresting. I don't know what it is I have against shopping (the crowd? the horror of meeting someone I know and that awkward "Hi, what are you DOING here? Or or meet one of your teachers!!! I know, nothing wrong with that but I'm just so awkward. Go me... yeah). I went out for shoes shopping. There, I SAID IT. Nothing special. I only came to search for my other half, a pair of good black shoes for Uni.  

Of course if I already have a few of my own, I wouldn't bother to come out of the house and torture myself by browsing through the stuff on display with a blank head. But since I haven't a single pair of shoes at all, I had to. Unfortunately. I'm fully aware of the shoes deficiency problem especially when most of the space that occupies the shoe box are filled with my sandals. Sandals, my dear readers,  are good to wear in a country as hot and damp (but dashingly sunny) as Malaysia and wearing shoes is like choosing to deep fry your toes with all the heat going on. Not a wise choice if you ask me. You're heat resistant? Then, please go for it but I'm not so.... sandals for me, please!

Anyway, the shopping! YES, I've gone side-tracked again and I'm far too lazy to delete above since there's something wrong with typing it all out here. The shoes looked so pretty and stylish, both heeled and flat ones lined neatly on the transparent glass shelves. Turning the shoes around to check out the price tag stuck on the heels,  (with my face beaming with happiness at finding a pretty shoe) and almost had a heart failure when I saw the PRICE. OH MY GOODNESS, THE PRICE FOR THESE SHOES! Some even fetch up to RM200 and above. Can you just imagine what I could do with all that money? books books books.... yaaaayyyyy Even with the generous discounts they offered, I still could not accept it. It's almost too hard to bare looking at the price tags, sneering and taunting at me.... "buy me, little one. I'm so pretty" In the end after spending almost 45 minutes browsing through colourful and sometimes crazily designed shoes with heels too high for human wear,  we picked a cool funky black pair of shoes with tiny beads tied together into a bow. I wish I could show it. Of course, my mum deserves all the credits since she found these. Go Mum!!!

And that's about it. Shoes. Hmmm.... wish I could add more or at least add something worthy to read. Sadly however, my mind is switching off and I'm tired of slamming the backspace key all the time (I'm trying to type properly, remember?). Ok, byeeee....


Met an old school friend at the shoes section. Not sure whether she remembered me  very well or maybe  none at all, but I said Hi anyway. 'So you're looking for shoes?' I asked. Looking for shoes? Isn't that the ONLY reason why everyone is swarming there in the first place. She of course said Yes and we exchanged a quick goodbye.  Well done me...

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