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Rehabilitation & Early Goodbye?

by - Friday, May 23, 2014

Assalamualaikum Internet travelers! I feel like it has been ages since I've been here as I was away from my computer for rehabilitation purposes. Of course, not in a bad way more like trying to get a break from the Internet for a bit as I was too attached to it all week. And I've been kept busy dealing with more forms than ever as the day for my University admission is drawing closer and closer each day and I'm just soooo excited to join in this new life as a student once again. I think after graduating from 11 years of schooling, I actually miss all the classes, books, HOMEWORK (Yes, who would have guessed particularly with Add. Maths!), and being surrounded by the crowd of teachers and friends. I missed the excitement in a learning environment with so much happenings and excitement. Well, I will be a part of it not for long. Yes!!!!

Of course there is always something sad in all good things. Most of my friends have already left to their own respective universities and we might not meet again for quite a while. To my special friends out there (Yes, I'm talking specifically to you guys), don't forget about our long firm friendship and remember my warnings about the consequences if you do. Haha. I'm only kiding.... or am I? Well whatever happens, I hope we will all study hard, have fun and make many new friends wherever we are studying. I hope we could meet up again during the semester break!

 Pushing such sadness aside (argh!), I've finally finished reading Sense & Sensibility!! I'm so glad I'm done with the book since I've been wanting to put my head into another book so soon. To be honest, I couldn't put my head on Edward Ferrars, a young bachelor who seemed to be infatuated to Elinor . Is he a worthy partner for Elinor or not because he was missing in most part of the novel, leaving my dear selfless and loving heroine worrying about his welfare (he is unemployed and without no financial aid from his mother). Of course, I do understand there has been a HUGE misunderstanding when Mr Ferrars was engaged to Lucy because Elinor and her family thought it was Edward who got married. Fortunately, it was his younger brother, Robert Ferrars. I'm glad everything turned out well for everyone, especially for Marianne, her sister after all that she has to go through with Mr Willoughby, a man in debt and in need of money to pay them off. Did I spell his name right? Great story, one that I am sure I would come to read again in the future.

 So at the moment, aside the immense forms yet to be filled, I'm reading Out of the Ruins by Sue Guiney. Did I ever tell you about this yet because I think I did. Oh well, it won't hurt to talk of this again. I actually attended a book club a few months back just to get my first hand in a discussion about the thing I love most, books. I had no idea what the book was really about even though it did sound quite intriguing. And the only thing that was in my mind at the time was I get to meet an author, face-to-face! Sue Guiney, in my opinion is very passionate in what she writes and clever and that I noticed as I read her book. It's entwined with the real deal of what is happening in Cambodia. Things we don't see as outsiders except through the words in the story. I'm hooked to this book, not just by the story so far but her writing style is unique and I think that's what keeping my hold on this book. I don't want to spill the beans on the plot of the story, so you must get the book yourself! 

I'm also about to read a biography novel at the same time called, "Rabiatul Adawiyah Perindu Cinta Abadi" by Zahiruddin Zabidi. In English for those of you who can't understand the Malay language, it means Rabiatul Adawiyah the One Who Yearns for Eternal Love. Now before you get any funny weird ideas, let me just say it's not what you think it is. It's about a pious Muslim woman, who was very beautiful with a melodious voice to match but was out of reach of men. Why? Her love for Allah was stronger than the love a man could ever offer to her, let alone the Sultan of her country or a well-known syeikh. My mum already read it (Amazing!!) and she said it was sooooo good and I should come round to read it soon. And here I am! 

To my Malaysian readers or really, anyone who can read in Malay, I also highly recommend that you read NOORAH. It's the most amazing book I've ever read and I can proof to you just how much I love it because I read it in the car on our way to Perak. I know what you would say, SO WHAT? The thing is, I get easily car sick whenever I'm in the car and I would not do remotely close to reading anything. But this book was different. Alas for me, the copy that I had was a library book so yes, I had to return it and never got the chance to re-read it again. I will hunt for this book down though. Hahaha. Seriously, read this book or you don't know what you've been missing on in your life. So as I was saying, it's about a British born woman who reverted to Islam. Her name was Kathryn Bennet but now people call her Noorah.This book narrates how she copes with the unimaginable obstacles that kept on coming one after the other as she held on so firmly to her faith. I never knew anyone so strong as her and I've made her an example for myself. This book really changed my life.

So.... I guess that's all for now. I might write again very very soon since I'm pretty sure there'll be lots to tell. Goodbye for now and thank you for stopping by!

P.S. A very well explained clip from Nouman Ali on Surah Al Feel. Do listen to more of his awesome lectures!

I'm really sorry for any grammatical errors in today's weekly rants. I'm trying my best to catch up with my mind WHILE typing without looking at the keyboard. I'm still very slow at this but I'm doing my best. Fighting!

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