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Mummy's Back

by - Sunday, June 08, 2014

Assalamualaikum Internet travellers! You have no idea how much I miss typing out posts that aren't remotely interesting or beneficial to everyone here. But who cares? I love doing it. Despite me saying I love typing out here, I haven't got a single clue on what to write. Nope, there's no strands of ideas whizzing in my brain at the moment except to to type out these lame words. 

But lately, I have't gotten the chance to watch the news or reading the newspapers for about a week which is a very long time if  you ask me. And now that I'm finally connected to the maya world (you have no idea how meaningful wifi connection is for humankind, specifically me) and no longer feeling like I'm in the dark from what is going on since the last time I've been in touch with reality. So now, reading through present issues is like a mighty slap in the face. Just how much did happened since I've been away? Obviously too many to count. It's pretty clear that I need to do a lot of reading because I don't like knowing that I don't know a lot of things, if you know what I mean. 

Next, moving on with my reading. There's not much to be honest since I've been extremely busy all this week and going to all places like a madman. However, reading is always close to my heart. I was out for quite some time and since this week's schedule was so packed and reading something heavy like David Copperfield is impossible, I brought a remarkably thin yet intense classical novel, Dr Jekkyl and Mr Hyde. I don't know how I managed to finish reading it but I did and that's all we need to know. I actually had to study this novel during English class back when I was in Form 3 or was it Form 2? Either way, the school edition that I read then wasn't in the original text since the words seemed a little to easy and modern when in fact it's a classical read. So I somehow told myself I must get the original compiled version in a book store someday. I highly recommend readers to have a go with this book. It's watching a horror movie with monsters in it. Yaaay. Okay, ideas are quickly evaporating away. Time to say byeee!

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