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Orientation Week at Uni

by - Thursday, June 12, 2014

Assalamualaikum Internet travellers. How are you???? I'm so glad that I'm back and ready to blast this dull website with some life. I've been gone for orientation week as stated in today's title. Never have I felt so tired and at the same time, fit and miraculously healthy after those long days of walking all over campus for briefings (why do people call it briefing when it practically lasts for hours?? Hmm... good question, let's ask a genius) and semi-paralyse over half of my body after sitting on the hard wooden floor one day after the other. Despite the uncomfortable hours with itching pins and needles and the horrifying, tsunami-like urge to sleep right there in the lecture hall, I actually enjoyed and savour every moment I had during that one in a life time orientation week. It'll take me forever to forget an experience such as that out of my memories. 

About the sleeping part in the lecture hall, I did it plenty of times before and I still find it amazing that I was never caught for it. All I did was place my head on my hands and came rocketing straight to Dreamland. Yup, that's right. I actually had dreams and really amazing action packed ones too with roles like a secret agent sent out on a mission or a lame damsel in distress (haha kidding!). However that's not all. A few strings of words from the briefings that was going on live actually entered into my dream world so I still sort of know what is going on outside my head. Is that weird or what? Who cares, at least I came out of the hall energised  and still knew what was said. Nothing to lose, right? What's that saying again, "killing to birds with one stone"? Yeah..... And before you start lecturing me about not bothering to listen to important things in front since this is a matter of life and death (right? right?), don't even bother because a dozen of my comrades pretty much copied me...... I think. Of course, the braver and stronger ones who firmly resisted the wavering powers of deep slumber, stayed wide awake throughout the dull talks. They were either chatting or really listening to the speaker in front as if the sleeping mass of people around them has no effect on them (wowheee right? I see future leaders there). 

The ones who were chit chatting at the back were so loud I had a mind to turn around and shhhh them senseless, spitting as much as I can in the process just to emphasize my point. And that point is for them shut up and let the rest of us catch up on our much deprived sleep from previous nights. My friend A told me later about her experience during one of the talks about how a rude girl placed her two feet next to my friend without any shoes on. Like what? Don't try to imagine how her socks smelt like unless you want to get sick, then be my most honourable guests. And what's worse, she actually keep kicking her on the back as if she's a wall or something. What some girls are like nowadays.

Classes just started not too long ago and I'm actually excited to get my brain buzzing with learning new things. I know, I'm such a nerd but it's what I enjoy especially since it's my favourite subject of all times. I also visited the library and borrowed a few books to read since they have quite an impressive collection of books despite the size of this place. I borrowed a book on Literature, The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella and last but not least, Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger recommended from someone I just met in the library. Well, she did say she watched the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. What's the harm in giving this book a go? It's been good so far although I've barely reached the middle of the story yet. Then not long afterwards, a good friend of mine who I also met in this University lend me the first series of The Kane Chronicles, The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan, one of my favourite authors to date besides J.K. Rowling (awesomee). Thank you so much!!!! And another special thank you to ***** for lending me the book Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson!!! I don't know where can I start going through all these amazing books especially since there haven't been much progress with David Copperfield. Wish me lots of luck!

The End

This is the end....

Are you really going to bother?

Seriously, there's nothing down here anymore

Go back, my dear Internet travellers!



Sigh~ Please don't worry, I'm still doing my assignments. I don't chuck them out of the windows in order to spend the rest of my life with my darling books...... or do I? Hehehe. Anyway, thanks for dropping by!

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