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The Night Life

by - Sunday, June 15, 2014

Assalamualaikum Internet travellers! I hope you could excuse my sounding not as bubbly and overly-excited as I usually do because right at this moment, it's already 00:19AM and I'm extremely tired. Especially since I went out jogging for a good 4km with my awesome friends earlier this morning and did even more walking afterwards under the blazing tropical heat for a short shopping spree. I could just feel my eyes drooping and my vision blurring as I type this out. It's actually a miracle that I'm still conscious enough to keep on going (fighting!) and not succumb to eternal slumber. Gosh, I'm jealous of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. They get to sleep ever so peacefully on a nice silky bed/coffin without anyone to disturb them. Except when their prince comes along and ruin the whole thing. Hahaha Just kidding! And did I tell you about that throbbing headache that has been bothering me for the last 48 hours?? What's the best remedy you know of against headaches because that would really help. I mean really helps.

I wish I could upload the posts I've already written out faster but the wifi connection here (or whatever you people call it these days) aren't the fastest and student-friendly you could find cross all seven kingdoms of...... I don't know. All you need to keep in mind is that I can't use the Internet as frequently as I want. In fact, the best time to get a decent speed while browsing through the Internet is after 12AM when everyone has gone to bed, sound asleep. Is that awesome or what? However, since quite a number has bought bus tickets to head home for the weekends, this campus was pretty quiet today. 

Is that a good thing? Maybe or not because I don't really notice any difference. With the Internet out of reach, I've got all the time in the world to do something worthy and beneficial for myself. Classes haven't actually officially started yet so again, I'm probably one of the most unlucky students out there because while everyone else has assignments to pass the time, I've got almost nothing to do but read English novels all day and night. I know reading is like a huge part of me (99.8% to be precise) but doing it for 12 hours a day is completely insane, impossible and boring (there I said it). I mean really, I want a variety in what I do. I'm a HUMAN, aren't I?!

So the night life (how is I could get so easily side-tracked again) in Uni is pretty slow and easy. After classes are over for the day, some would go out to the malls for a bit of shopping or sometimes when we're free, we watch movies together in the study room. Of course, we'd only do that once our assignments are done which isn't a little. Usually during the weekdays, everyone would be too busy to do anything else but studying and writing out notes from their many lectures (and since I only had one class so far, I don't need to do any of it JUST YET).

I can't write much more since I haven't been long (plus my classes haven't really started yet. hehe). But as soon as things get a little busy, I'll be sure to update. 

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