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Back Home... (Part 1)

by - Sunday, July 27, 2014

Assalamualaikum Internet travelers to my somewhat semi-abandoned blog. I'm currently at home with my wonderful family for Eid Mubarak and the same for many of my friends out there too. I arrived here somewhere very close to subuh prayer which meant that I was just in time to watch dear Walnut running actively inside his little cage before the sun decided to butt in. Did I tell you how chubby he's been since I'm gone??? Of course, chubby in a very cute way. He had too many snacks for his own good. Walnut, you need to diet. To be honest, I made my sisters send me updates on Walnut while I was in campus and they send me things like videos and pics of him every few days. But you know, things look better in real life than through a media. Walnut, I missed you!

Hello... Where are my snacks?

I call this The Stretch.

You're staring at me?
Like I said, I got back home by bus and it was my first time ever (!) and it all happened in the dead of night. I bought a good novel called The Tempest with me to keep me occupied throughout the entire ride (thanks N for lending the book) but it ended in vain. The bus conductor turned off all the lights in the bus until we were all sitting in complete darkness. It was so dark I couldn't see the face of this old guy who sat just across me. Did he honestly think everyone would fall asleep without the lights on? How about people like me who had better things to do than sleeping on someone's shoulders and drooling all over it? 

First thing first, the reason why I was reluctant to sleep in the bus is because it was my first experience travelling in a bus, ALONE without my family to accompany me. Secondly, just how many rumors and creepy stories of how people's possession were stolen while they were wearing barbie dresses and dancing with the ponies in Dreamland? Yet, the main reason that scared the butterflies out my guts is the fact if I overslept, I might miss my stop and end up in the North Pole. For those who don't know me very well, then you should know this. I sleep like a log and almost anything (like my annoying phone ringtone) couldn't wake me up.

 In a nutshell, I was too freaked out. Hahaha In fact, I was engrossed in the gory scenes replaying in my head, I was actually successful in staying wide awake for two hours before losing to sleep. However, even then I kept waking up every few 10-15 minutes. Luckily, I didn't have to endure back pains because then I might just camp out on the floor where it was more comfortable. Just kidding!

Since it's still Ramadhan (just telling you in case you got the 2010 calendar or something), we must have our iftar for the long hot day ahead. We stopped at several resting places relief ourselves in the loos or grab food for an early iftar. I just ate the buns I bought from back in campus, LOTS of them. However, I found out eating packet buns in the small quiet confines of the bus where people wanted nothing else to do than sleep seemed rather awkward. I know I'm the type of person who cares what people say about me even though I'm trying not to, but that precise moment and time was totally different. Every crunch and rip from a packet of bun echoed throughout the room. And you know, it felt awkward because there were plenty of people inside that bus who didn't buy food for themselves. 

But it can't beat the struggle I had to go through to put my handbag on the floor near my feet. The width between my seat to the one in front of mine is just enough to fit a leg. Seriously. Did they honestly think everyone is as skinny as a toothbrush? I think my legs went close to falling off with the lack of blood circulation for approximately 4 hours. Maybe it was just me because nobody else seemed to be bothered by the little space we had. Fine, at least no one was snoring.

Once I've reached my stop, I hauled all three close-to-exploding bags with me off the bus and ta-daa~ my dad was waiting for me near his car. We head home in a comfortable silence (I was dozing off actually).

So, yup. I'm done narrating my journey to home. I'm drained out after sneezing all morning and while I'm typing this out. Phew.... will continue with Part 2 later when things start to pick up Eid Mubarak.



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