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Back Home: Welcome to my Kampong~~~ (Part 2)

by - Friday, August 01, 2014

Assalamualaikum Internet travelers! And of course before I FORGET, Happy Eid Mubarak (which, by the way, I would if it wasn't for the fact the words TEST AFTER RAYA are pinned on my bulletin board in front of me right now)! I hope all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there could celebrate Eid with happiness and never forget to pray for the Palestinians and our other less fortunate friends around the world. 

Anyway, how was your week so far? Was it good? Because mine was SUPERB because a few days after I got back home (please read my previous entry if you suddenly realized you haven't the faintest idea what I am talking about. Or, if you have this strange sensation that you can't understand the words I'm saying, visit the nearest emergency room as quickly as possible), I re-packed my stuff and got into the car with my family and whizzed for my uncle's house not far from where we live. All my younger cousins have grown up so much as if time passes so quickly on their side. I barely recognize them at all. The twins were looking okay (adorable!), all big round-eyed, with dark curls growing in soft tufts on their heads. Everyone else pretty much transformed completely. And we are expecting a newcomer soon.  >_<    I felt sooo thrilled when they said I've gone thinner since they last saw me (last year??) however, I believe I have disappointed them since Eid started because now I'm like..... I'll fill you in about this later. Hehehehe.

Raya money (or duit raya as we Malaysians call them) felt like they literally fell from the sky that memorable day, not that was the main reason why I was so happy. Since I'm a college student and all (uhum uhum!), everyone has been extra generous with me. My mum cooked whatever food I like (was I that malnourished-looking?! *Gasp*) and the raya money definitely increased by 200% in just over a year. I mean, I only got RM40 last year and now its RM**********************. Hahaha. Kidding! In my dreams.... But really, I'm glad I got to visit them.   :)

And so,  right after that brief yet meaningful visit, we jumped straight into a 9 hour drive to our kampong, Kelantan! Not much to say about our journey there since I did nothing else other than sleeping, eating, sleeping again and the process repeated itself. There wasn't much to see other than acres and acres of palm oil trees and the plain open sky. However, just a few years back during our earlier trips to Kedah, I actually spotted a wild elephant casually eating fern high up on the top side of a hill next to the highway and it's no lie. Amazing. Sigh... I did tell myself before the trip that I will make an effort to stay awake and appreciate nature. Still, what is to appreciate if nature is ripped off its habitat and replaced by commercialized plantations and illegally logged forests? Anyway, snacks were available throughout our drive to kampong which mainly consisted of crisps, chocolate bars, buns, kerepek (I'm not sure what people call them in English) etc etc. You don't wonder the possibility I could "re-discover" the weight I lost after 2 months in college, right? It was only the first day of Eid too. Haih...

So, fast forward a bit closer to the present. Just two days ago in kampong, my super strong grandma, Dad, Mum, my sisters and I decided to visit my grandparent's isolated orchard away from the bustling and noisy town to hunt for some juicy fruits. It wasn't my first time ever coming to the place, in fact, it was my second. The first time I set foot in that place was when some of the fruit trees were barely matured yet and the penthouse in the heart of the orchard barely finished being built. Now, the house is almost done and the trees are baring fruits ready to be picked and eaten. 

None of my sisters and I brought extra clothes for the occasion since we weren't expected to do anything but wait for the grown ups to do all the work. This time, I wanted to join in the fun, get a little experience at fruit picking while I have the time before being shipped off to college forever (Exaggerating again~~~). I put on the extra long sleeved shirts, armored with my sun hat and a portion of my hijab woven carefully around my face against the masses of flies and mosquitoes in the air and had my legs protected by stuffing the end of my trousers inside my socks since there weren't enough boots to go around. I was ready for the wild (sort of).

Malaysia is hot, Malaysia is sizzling hot. Those were the very words I kept chanting to myself as we trudge deeper into the orchard, with my grandma leading our "herd". Despite the floppy, floral blue hat I had on, it couldn't stop the tropical heat from penetrating through the fabric towards my delicate skin (muhahaha). Might I just add how fortunate I was  that I happen not to put on sunscreen at the time? Let's not discuss how sunburnt I was afterwards, ok? I was a little bit left behind from the rest since I was pushing the wheelbarrow and narrowly avoiding death as I carelessly swiveled the "vehicle" left and right from unexpected holes and hitting innocent trees in the process. Sorry trees. Luckily, with the expertise of Grandma, we managed to collect dozens of fruits by using a long contraption with a curled, pointy metal end to pull the fruits off their branches. My sisters and I were stationed nearby to collect the fallen fruits. We had to be careful though, you know, in case we get pummeled by fruits. I'm being perfectly serious. The fruits there like Mangosteens are big and a bit heavy (for a fruit its size I mean), so getting hit by one isn't my first choice or my second etc etc.

Then, after watching my dad semi-succeeded climbed a tree to get a small bunch of Duking fruits, I declared I wanted to give it a try too. Of course what I didn't tell them was I wanted to see how "fit" I was after weeks leaving taekwondo before joining college 2 months ago. It didn't go to well actually. Well, if I want to give myself a bit of credit, then I did preferably well during the first try as I got to stay horizontally stuck on the tree and grab a whole bunch of Dukong. That was before I saw the "humongous" black ants crawling all over the fruits and fearing they'll start walking over me like as if I was part of the tree or worse, bite me (which was very unlikely, but you know me, my imagination is just beyond the average teen), I threw the fruits somewhere behind a bush. Yeah, by this time, my sisters had already stop cheering for me and glared. Go me... Second attempt? Can it be called an attempt because from what I remembered, my arms and legs were starting to tremble and I couldn't force them to pull me up the tree again. Instead, I end up dangling by a branch and landed in the wheelbarrow below. What fun.... THAT'S IT, I'M GOING TO START WORKING OUT PRONTO. 

Oh well, at least all that trouble paid off in the end. We got to eat sweet delectable durian inside the house. It tasted so gooood.And guess what? I didn't get bitten not even once by  ants, mosquitoes and leeches. A great achievement, eh? 

That's it for today. I'm back in campus, tired and worn out. Alas for me, assignments will force me to stay awake for the night. What a life... Hahaha. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did typing all THIS out for hours. Homesick. Walnut-less. Hungry. Kidding! I got to remind myself to diet and stick to it like my life depends on  it or something. Okay, until next time. Assalamualaikum.

Look what I got with me right now! Hehehehe Thanks a lot to my mum for these. Will last for a long time for sure.

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