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College Updates

by - Thursday, August 28, 2014

Assalamualaikum Internet travelers! Please excuse my long absence from my weekly blog posts which I know I've promised to stay committed to my promise however things did not go as planned. I suffered from WiFi deprivation for almost 5 days and it has negative traumatic effects on me right till this present day (or night since it's practically dark out there and raining... hard). Joking! Although I must say, I've been a lot more systematic with trudging through and completing my assignments lately which is a very good change for once. I once said on a social website if I somehow by a miracle stack up all my assignments in one pile, it would be higher than Mount. Everest. Again, I'm just exaggerating like usual but if done together with all my other comrades, it might just be enough. We might even get our names engraved in the book Guinness World Records if we truly tried. Haha... Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not going to risk breaking my back doing non-beneficial things like that.   

 Anyway, college! How am I doing these last few days since I've been so quiet lately? Quite okay except, like I've said earlier, there's a rising trend among our lecturers in throwing large amounts of very demanding assignments at us from all sides. I'm actually okay with working on assignments but what I'm worried about is whether we'll ever see the sunrise tomorrow with the sea of assignments covering our heads, thus shielding our view and obstructing us from breathing. Kidding! But that is exactly how we college students from all over the country feel right now, what with the finals just around the corner ( from where?). There is barely a clear balance between the work done and the amount of assignments queuing like in a clinic on our study tables. Still, if I compare myself to medic students, then I would say I'm actually quite lucky because they barely get a proper night sleep with flashing, red assignments and reports deadlines blaring in their heads. Fighting!!! Don't worry, just one more sufferable month and then I'll be out doing my own thing (reading, writing to my heart contents and the usual)

Wait for my next entry!    

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