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by - Sunday, August 31, 2014

Assalamualaikum, dear Internet travelers! Things have been picking up real quick recently especially now that the finals are starting to peak out from the horizon (now that is a scary thought...) and everyone is quickly cramming everything into their heads. Then, assignments are also found to literally choke students until late into the night not excluding myself as well. Journals need to be typed out, presentation slides must be made, heart rates monitored before presenting in front of the class and all sort of things wanting attention. But you know what, I actually love the thrill of completing one assignment after another and surprisingly, I also sort of enjoy presenting in front of everyone even though I'm rubbish at it. It's a weird feeling in a good way. At least my hands weren't shaking so that's okay. Hehehe... What? I didn't say anything, or did I?

Anyway, since it's Independence Day today for us Malaysians, most people here tend to spend the rest of their day indoors watching the colourful lively celebration on TV. I haven't seen a single human being walking pass my Uni campus except for a really old guy in an awesome electronic wheelchair (gosh, I've always wanted to ride on those things, haven't you?). Of course, I've been really busy most of the time today (sort of) like being the good little student I am (*cough cough hopefully my housemates won't read this) and did a bit of studying and finished a few slides for History class. Of course, since I am a human like the rest of you who are reading this so it's normal for me to get a little distracted. Example? Like sketching this:

Drawn by Syazwani

Yeah, yeah I'm not the best artist in town but it's a little hobby of mine I like to indulge in when I'm really stressed out or really need a break from scanning page after page of black printed words. This is my first proper sketch since I've been in University. I would have sketched some more but unfortunately, time and assignments does not allow me. At least a good housemate of mine is keeping an eye on my study progress or else I end up reading more classic novels than I should.

 As a normal student too, there are times when I feel really down and low in spirits to do absolutely anything particularly when assignments reached over their tidal limits. However, that's not the biggest issue for me because seriously, assignments are like my flesh and blood now that I'm here for so long. The main problem is I tend to dwell in negative thoughts and over think of what others say about me, ones that are capable of lowering my self-esteem and confidence. My mom usually sense this (super-mum-telepathy power no.1) and do you know what she always do? She send me really sweet and motivational quotes and sometimes long, long words of "little advices" as she calls them through the phone. 

I will also share some of the quotes she shared with me to you guys. Thank you, Mama....

 Honestly, I want to go on writing till my last breath but my brain is totally in a mental shutdown and I can't think of anything smart or funny to say. Sighhhh.... Assignments are CLEARLY not good for my mind! Just kidding...

Last of all before I end my speech for the night, here is a typical scenario which I've noticed lately in the stressful, heart attack risking life of a normal University student:

 I almost forgot! Mega Walnut update!!!

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