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The Essays.... DUM DUM DUM

by - Friday, September 12, 2014

Assalamualaikum.... Again. Just thought of posting an additional entry for this week since I've been missing on a lot of things here. 

This is the first essay I wrote...

One of my all time favourite spots in the world is inside the very four walls of my dear home. It is the little rectangular-shaped room by the living room and secluded behind the thickly draped red and gold patterned curtains of my home. There is nothing particularly significant or remarkably wonderful about that particular part of the house except that it provides immense privacy from the eyes of my family members and peace from the bustling noises inside the house. There, I am allowed to savour the pure silence in the air other than the gentle sounds of the warm sweetly scented breeze and the crackling leaves falling like rain to the rough concrete below.

It is neither decorated plainly nor lavishly like that usually seen in extravagant house decorating magazines.  Instead, I would say it is somewhere in between the two since it’s rather modest and cosy. My parents had first painted the walls with thick splashes of light blue, which to me, seems to reflect the very colour of the sky in the middle of an ordinary afternoon day. There are little defects where dark shade of blue paint sprinkled randomly amongst the microscopic cracks of the uneven walls. It made the room a little bit magical, more special as if it came out from the very crispy pages of my old fairy-tale books in our little study room. When night comes, the walls emit a mild beautiful glow and the sprinkles of paint shine like wild fireflies fluttering through twisted branches of looming mangrove trees immersed in the heavenly moonlight.

The highlight of the room does not end there. Oh no, there is still more to be said. What I love most about this dear room is how the hundreds if not thousands of leaves and tiny branches from the trees in front of the house filters the red and orange rays of dawn and sunset towards the balcony, leaving me basking in radiant light and warmth as I sip steaming hot chocolate. It is truly blissful. And then there are the abundant full-blooming flowers in pots from all shapes and colours of the seven beams of the rainbows. There isn’t much space on the tiled floor for them so they are suspended like tropic vines on the metal bars above.

And this is the second one...

From her sophisticated Asian beauty to her out of the world courage and a heart of gold, Mulan, an average young woman who lived in China once upon a time is my favourite character among the many, many characters filmed by Disney. Mulan is neither very tall nor stout like how most Asians are. She has gorgeous deep set of dark black eyes like a forest pool under the shade of ancient looming oaks. Thick lashes rimmed around her gleaming eyes that were the solitary windows to her lively soul within. Her pale, smooth cheeks shone like the moon and were tainted with a touch of sweet pink; her lips however were painted glossy red comparable to rich crimson satin.  What I envy her the most is that luscious jet black hair as dark a shade of the midnight’s sky cascading like silk just past her skinny shoulders.

The time taken to create the essays literally ate my beauty sleep and half my brain cells. However, at least it turned out okay and that is all that matters right now.
Okay byeeeee

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