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Use Your Eyes... And A Smiley.

by - Friday, September 12, 2014

Sigh... You know those really rare funny moments when you should be laughing alongside your friends at yourself but you don't want to? Yeah, that was how I felt the other day. It's so embarrassing yet hilariously silly at the same time that I find it extremely difficult to convey them into words. 

Assalamualaikum, Internet travelers and how are you doing? So here is my story... Well, it's not a story that you'll cry an ocean of tears out or eligible to win the Grammy's, but it's just so tragic (for my purse, of course) that I hope you could share a few minutes to just let me take it all out of my system anyway. 

I spent RM8 on a bottled mineral water first thing in the morning. Okay, now you can start leaving your exclamations and laughter in the following space....

How is it anyone in their right minds could charge such ridiculous prices for water. And I'm talking about water mineral here not pure water straight out from the heavens. I mean the ones that were processed repeatedly in tonnes of cylindrical containers and exported and all for one noble purpose; for fulfilling the thirst of the human kind. Specifically me since I hadn't drank properly for the past two days. I can already feel the very core of my sole withering and evaporating into water vapour through my skin. And before you know it, I'm part of the family in the clouds, just waiting to rain down on the tiny humans below and cause them more misery.

Anyway, something really sweet for the world to see. I was with my friends the other day at the food stalls for dinner since our stomachs have been growling like the beasts they are for the entire day. I ordered Nasi Goreng Patayya, which is basically fried rice wrapped with scrambled egg. So tasty! You guys must try it. I haven't eaten this favourite dish of mine since I've been in University and I missed it a lot. I also heard the food stall we were at cook large quantities of dishes. The waitress is the nicest person ever, seriously, she made us laugh even though we had a really tough day after sending stacks of assignments to our lecturers. Look what she gave me!!!

Isn't it nice of her? It's like she knew exactly how close students are to insanity. Thanks, lady. I just wished the cook had placed more salads or something. Two pieces of cucumber is absolutely nothing to me. Ah, well at least it tasted mega awesome. This is what I ate for lunch the following day. Fried veges, tempeh and fried fish. Sorry, the fish isn't in the picture because it was being naughty. It's super sharp fried tail completely torn the plastic bag so now I can't use it anymore. Way the go, Fish.

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