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Cloudy Days and Broken Possessions

by - Thursday, October 16, 2014

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning  to all Internet travelers who are willing to visit my humble blog of mine which I have abandoned for almost over two weeks. It's not like I didn't stop and drop by at all while surfing through the Internet, mind you. I just haven't got enough brain cells connected to come up with brilliant and mind blowing ideas worthy to share with the Internet people. Then there is also the matter about unpacking my stuff after coming back home for the semester break and getting used to the life here which is so much different from when I was in campus. I mean in a good and relaxing pace kind of way but while in campus, I was constantly kept standing on the tip of my toes with assignment load and late night revisions. 

The good thing about being is home besides finally reuniting with my family is that I get to meet Walnut! You haven't forgotten him already, have you? He's probably the only one here who hasn't changed with his light brown fur, big round eyes, twitchy pink nose and four adorable tiny paws. Although, I think someone has been feeding him a bit too much cheese lately so he's chubbier compared to the last time I saw him. Other than that, Walnut is pretty much still Walnut; always scurrying around inside his cage, poking his nose out when people are present and running noiselessly in his wheel in the middle of the night while everyone else are asleep. And when he's tired, he would retire to his nest of ripped tissues or the sandbox if the weather is too hot and curl up into a tight ball of cuteness. I wished I taken a photo of him. Haha!

As for the weather, it's a lot cooler here since it literally rains every single day whether during the day or night. And so, the sky isn't always very bright and sunny except for a couple of hours in the morning and afternoon. By evening, dark grey clouds start to form and you get relentless hours of fresh sheets of rain. This also means no to jogging or other recreational sports in the afternoon anymore.However, the good side of this weather is I get to experience what the weather in the UK is mostly like, cloudy and rainy. I think by now, they're having Autumn there, right? My favourite season of the year! You know, I used to collect dried Autumn leaves from the school compound and stuff them into my coat pockets to bring back home and paste them into my scrapbook of memories. Of course, I did get caught several times by the dinner ladies but that didn't stop me collecting and stacking them up behind the bushes, now did it? There's only a few surviving left with me now along with a couple of pressed daffodils in between thick encyclopedias. 

Ah, good old memories and ones I won't ever try to forget. 

As for my reading progress, apparently it's not going at a pace I like it to be as I've so many things to do even during the semester break. However, fortunate to say, I've moved on from Northanger Abbey (I've watched the movie numerous times that reading the novel itself seems unnecessary at the present moment) and I'm currently reading The Water Horse by Julia Gregson and a teeny bite of the work of Jules Verne, The Journey to The Center of The Earth which has been a favourite adventure classic when I was a child (Okay, I just made myself sound old). These books are brilliant and I highly recommend you read them quick. So far, in The Water Horse, I've already reached the middle of the book and already I think it's great. This story is about a really ambitious Catherine Careg, a countryside born Welsh 18-year-old who ran away from an unexciting life in a farm to London to chase her dreams to be a doctor after her mother died of maternal death. However, things were never easy back in those days when women were thought incapable to hold vital positions in the society. Catherine met Florence Nightingale, the only female doctor across the country. But for Catherine, there are challenges heading her way. Seriously, READ THIS. As for the book from Mr. Verne, I still have a lot to read before explaining some of synopsis here. I've forgotten some parts of the story since the last time I read it must be when I was 9 years old but I can vaguely remember the main plots like the nephew and his uncle were stranded on an island under the earth where dinosaurs were very alive and real.

Well, that's all I can say at the moment or at least manage to type out because my eyes hurt after squinting at the screen for so long. I blame myself for breaking my glasses the other day and please, don't ask me how on earth could I done such a thing because it just happened. I was trying to put it on when it snapped and I couldn't put it back on, even with sellotape. My dad confirmed it is permanently damaged. So, now I'm wearing my old one for the time being but it's dizzying.  New specs here I come!!! 

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