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by - Thursday, October 02, 2014

Sometimes, the most horrible part about writing is when you force yourself to sit on a chair which will later cause all types of pains to you like backaches and neck aches, looking up to the computer screen and find yourself staring blankly at a clean plain and white page staring back just as blankly as you are. Of course, there are two possible routes from here. One, once you start typing or writing anything at all, you will immediately have all these inspirations and ideas rushing through your mind and you'll make it to the last word. Or two, which is sort of common among writers; professional or not will type slowly out words that comes randomly from the mind before slamming the backspace and starting all over again. I happen to fall for both categories and that, ladies and gentlemen is neither a good or bad thing.

I just finished my finals paper yesterday and I'm very free at the moment doing all the things I've been wanting to do since I got myself so busy studying. My activities today aren't what most people would think "very exciting" or "creative" because when your exams are over, you should be going out with your friends and hit the mall or something like catching up with newly released movies and refresh your wardrobe with trendy clothes. Instead, I indulge in something quiet and relaxing as reading the new books I bought at the mall from the previous day. Now I promised mentally to myself to restrain from purchasing more books than I could possibly have the time to read, but if there's a huge sign in bold, large red letters saying "RM5 ONLY" what on earth can I say to that? Nothing that's what except rushing towards the booth and bury through them, choosing and judging which ones to take with  me home. My friends call me a true bookworm at heart whilst I call it a diagnose that's been overlooked by scientists.

So yeah, I've finished reading one of the books on the same day yesterday and I'm moving on to the next today. It's been a great read especially since it takes my mind off the dreaded state of my packing process in my room. Maybe I'll continue with it later.... Much, much later. Who knew packing could be intensely tiring? Nonetheless, I manage to salvage through the lockers and drawers I own to find "treasures" and "long lost possessions" I haven't seen in ages since I moved to campus. Those things mostly consist of hairbands, old assignment papers, my letters I wrote in classes when I'm bored and a few clothes I hardly wear. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I find a few small cash in between the pages of a book or buried deep in pockets. I could make myself a small fortune through this way. HAHA.

Other than reading myself into a world full of secrets and wondrous adventures, I also planned on oiling my rusty sketching skills I've left forgotten for quite some time now. However, I just don't have that "feel" to do that just yet because for today, all I wanted was to read all day and of course, a few other things too. When I do get that "feel", it'll be the fuel for me to draw for hours on end without ever feeling bored and I enjoy myself a lot. Usually I'd draw portraits of people or birds but they could take from a few brief minutes to hours if I get the "feel" and end up looking great. But like I said, I'll probably do it this weekend. Yayyy....

Right, before I end today's entry, here are the books I bought!
1) Blue Moon
2) Everlasting
3) The Tin Princess

 Assalamualaikum and thanks for reading!

I have three bulging bags full of books to bring back. Great....

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