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Frankenstein... ROAR?

by - Friday, November 14, 2014

Assalamualaikum Internet travelers! How are you on this fine rainy day? I haven't been doing much mainly because I'm on my seriously short semester break which feels like an eternity with very little to do other than surfing the Internet, watching Youtube videos and catching up on my reading. 

And so talking about reading, I finished going through Frankenstein at last! Truthfully speaking, I had the book up on my shelves staring longingly at me for the last 10  years. It could be longer than that because I bought it off from a car boot sale ages ago in the UK when I was a kid. Two of my school mates who are both keen readers tried to introduce me to this book since I was 14 years old when I showed interests in classics. However, no matter how much I pushed myself to read even a page of this book, I couldn't do it. It's not a matter of age propriety or the old Wordsworth 1993 book cover edition, but really I think it was the fact this story revolves around a monster and at the time, I wasn't into them in a book. There was also the tiny fonts to be considered too. Years later, I was intrigued toward a booktuber who thoroughly enjoyed the novel and stated how much he thought of it. Besides, it's less than 200 pages long and that, dear Internet travelers, is not a lot at all. You could finish it within a couple of good hours snuggled between cushions on a plush sofa. 

So, Frankenstein! What is this story about? And what does it have that has brought readers sitting at the edge of their seats for years and years after its first release? To me at least, it's a good horror-thriller novel with brilliant realistic characters and the story is surprisingly easy to follow. This made me wonder why I never thought to read it earlier in the first place. Anyway, to make it simpler, the story is largely narrated by an eager young scientist, Dr Victor Frankenstein who has always been interested in the old works of scientists as a child. In his older years after successfully placing himself in a university, he continued a 2 year long "project" and research to bringing life to a compiled mound of lifeless human flesh. I thought it was seriously gross especially when I think about exactly how horrible must it be to put different parts of human organs and whatnot together, blood and all. I'm glad at least Frankenstein admitted it was gruesome even for him as a doctor. In the end, he brought it to life and almost immediately, he regretted the results of his creation. 

Due to technical problems in terms of body size, the monster looked horrendously ugly and you don't need much imagination to come up with a picture of a "man" with different bits of skin stitched together that barely covers up his muscles and blood vessels. Frankenstein panicked and ran out of his room due to his disgust towards his creation. The creature too ran away after feeling disappointed of his master's reaction. Frankenstein fell sick for several months and was nursed back to health by his friend, Henry Clerval. And before Victor Frankenstein could fully jump back into his old life again, the death of his younger brother, William who was brutally murdered near his home came to him. Frankenstein came rushing back to his hometown and there, he saw the shadows of his creation near the place where his brother was found dead and he concluded who was the murderer. However, without the caption of the monster, Victor failed to save Justine, a prime suspect caught for the cause of murder from the mercy of the noose. From here, more innocent lives were savagely seized at the hands of the monster who felt miserable at how the human society treated him. He also wanted to avenge on his creator as the prime cause of his prolonged torment. I don't want to narrate more or else it would spoil you from giving this book a go too! Go on, give it a try! 

So, if you guys want a quick read specifically a book on classical horror, then Frankenstein is the best book I recommend you to try out. I have to warn you though, avoid reading it at night before going to bed. I was seriously creep out when I reached a chilling segment of this novel like reading about jumping shadows behind trees and the horrible scream of Victor's wife as she was strangled . Spoiler alert!

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