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by - Friday, November 14, 2014

When I gaze at the grey daunting clouds high up in the heavens, I can’t help but to compare them as raging prison guards from the lowest and terrible of dungeons, keeping the Sun imprisoned and out of my sight. The ebbing and flickering light of the clear blue sky is slowly concealed by the mere mass of darkness, like that of the old, blackened hands of man enclosing the pure light of a lamp. Rain is threatening to spill from its soft grey encasement but after several silent moments except for the low whistle of the cool breeze, they stayed where they are. Tiny tropical birds perching on the branches of the heavily hooded trees, sang quietly while some started to fly back in fear to the safety of their warm nests, away from the dangers of the upcoming fall of rain. Their small silvery wings shone in the several broken rays of golden sunlight leaking through holes in the clouds before completely disappearing from my vision. I felt my eyes widen as a deafening rumble of thunder boomed above me and I listened in fascination as the fierce winds carried it to all direction, the last warning for rain. I could feel the living creatures around me, from the glorious sturdy trees standing on their bulky, twisted roots to the creatures of the unseen such as the ants hurriedly crawling back to their nests, all held their breath as one drop of rain was let loose after the other.  This is the starting of rain and the end to my sunny Monday. 

YEAH, so this is something I decided to write since it was raining not too long ago and the Internet was down and I was left bored. So, let's all write about the weather again in the future! 

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