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Saturday's Vegetable Soup and other things...

by - Sunday, November 02, 2014

Assalamualaikum Internet travelers! How are you on this fine day? I'm being absolutely 100% serious here. For the first time in weeks, today marks a historical day which I won't ever forget as the day that did not shred a drop of rain and bless me the chance to go out and do something healthy. Like half jogging, half gasping to compensate my lungs with oxygen from the slightly polluted air probably filled with poisonous gas and heaps of dusts which I think most of us know what they are. 

For those people out there who know me, they are very  much aware of my frenzy love for vegetables and fruits. I was raised up eating spinach porridge specially made by my mum. I don't think she has ever fixed me one of those odd-looking instant baby porridge with suspiciously tiny chopped orange carrots. I drooled over forests as they look like huge clumps of potentially edible broccoli and spinach. I loved Popeye the Sailor Man because he liked and needed veg as much as I do. Vegetables and fruits are pretty much what makes me ME. 

So on this fine radiating day, Mum wanted to test me on my somewhat lack of cooking skills at making my favourite dish of all time.... Vegetable soup. I've seen her make this particular dish numerous times but I've never given the thought of making one. Well, if I remember right, once upon a time, I did give it a go but it ended up looking like I cramped bowls of sliced veg in a pot of boiling water. It didn't taste too good either. This time however, with a bit of help and advises from Mum, I made my first ever edible vegetable soup. I didn't get the potatoes to cook properly though since they were still quite hard but she fixed it.  Ta-daa...

It tastes soooooo good!

Oh, and I wanted to secretly smuggle a weeny piece of carrot to Walnut as an afternoon snack. So far, he never says no to innocent snacks even when it's obviously in the middle of the day and it's the time when he sleeps. But then, when I saw him like this I didn't have the heart to wake him up and I'll show you why.

What did I tell you? He looked so peaceful, ADORABLE and innocent even (we all know he can be mischievous and daring when he wants to be). Without doing something I will regret later like kicking the old exercise bench or simply step and crack open a fallen nut that are both highly potential to wake up the furry ball inside the cage, I slipped out my phone and snapped the very picture you see up there. I'll never delete it. Neveeeeeer!

And of course, there was the Putrajaya International Book Fair 2014 that is taking place simultaneously with the Putrajaya International Islamic Arts and Culture 2014 which I both attended with my family. There was a throng of people from around the world there; looking at interesting booths from different countries promoting their goods such as pottery, hand-made hats and shoes, local clothes, books related to their country, adorable key chains, famous sculptured miniature monuments out of marble and wood,  and so much more. In one of the rooms, precious historical artifacts from old Islamic civilizations are displayed. And can I just say about a particular something?  I think most Malaysians would know what the Batu Bersurat Terengganu or in English, Terengganu Inscription Stone is. All my life, from the moment I learnt about it in Form 1 right till about yesterday, I thought this great stone etched with white writings in Jawi of Islamic laws is huge but I found out it barely reaches my knees. 

At the book fair, I bought a couple of books and old issue magazines of Solusi for really good prices. I don't normally read Malay novels especially when they're related to romance but this book, Tautan Hati recommended by Nik Nur Madihah, a top scorer in SPM a couple of years ago with 20A 1A. I'm barely half way through the over 700 pages novel but it's looking good so far. All the characters seem to connect with me and the story is so well written and informative, I learn more about aqidah and Islam. 

Right, that is all for now. I want to bury myself in the books and magazines I bought. Assalamualaikum....

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