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A New Start

by - Friday, December 05, 2014

Assalamualaikum, Internet travelers! I'm back in university after spending an extremely dull and long two months of semester break. I will admit spending my hols with my family and Walnut really cured my homesickness which I've stored for several months, but it felt good to be back among friends and indulge together in the hassle with classes and assignments. Everyone was excited to meet up with their friends again; chatting what they did during their holidays, how was their results from the previous exams (*cough cough), our MUET performances (*COUGH COUGH), their families and it's likely that they all shared the dreaded feeling for their new classes the next day. 

While that was happening, I was too busy helping my dad to lug my luggage which felt like carrying a crane of coal up the many flight of stairs to my room. It was not as easy or appealing job as it looks especially since we had go to and fro from the car to the stairs. Well, at least I could boast to anyone who is willing to hear that I literally deep fried my fat while marching up the stairs two at a time in my worn heeled shoes. Transacting my stuff to my locker and shelves proved to be hot and energy draining job. It must have taken me above an hour until I was done arranging my baju kurung on their respective hangers and whatever snacks I carried into the smaller compartments. Although I solemnly promised to my dad I'd bring half of the things I brought from last semester, they were still a LOT. However, at least my locker still has plenty of space even with my stuff compared to my old one a few months back. 

The next day, our first ever class for this new semester, almost everyone had put on their best and newest baju kurung despite the fact it was a Tuesday which is probably one of the few days in a week that allows us to wear casual outfits (I did). Seeing the girls in their brightly floral patterned baju kurung, I felt a little bit insecure if not doubt what is left of my common sense. Today is Tuesday, right? I questioned my friends desperately while they shot me weird looks. I can't blame them for it. Haha... 

For the next few days, not much really happened in class other than the usual introductory sessions with my new lecturers and of course, the outline of syllables were given (oh my goodness.... they look tough). 

Back in my apartment, I think I'm accepted by all housemates who are both funny and highly energetic. Since I'm a bookworm, there are plenty of those here who share the same passion in reading as I admire their own shelves full of novels. Not only that, perhaps it's because we are TESLIANS that creates an encouraging and non-judgmental environment for an English speaker like me to converse in the language I'm comfortable with. 

Reading List

For this new semester, I have a few additional subjects for my course which includes Introduction to Literature and Basic Principle in Education. They both require a lot of reading which I apparently don't mind. I've peeked at the lists of titles of literature works we have to read on, including classical short stories, poetry and a couple of plays. I can't wait for the next class!

I am currently reading Dracula, also a classical novel and it is absolutely terrifying as they say. In fact, I strictly stick to reading a couple of pages during the night in case I dream of a particular Count Dracula keeping me prisoner and waiting to get a taste of my blood, which is off limits to everyone. Hahaha... I'm still just off a few pages so there is little to say just yet. However, don't fret for I SHALL do another review on what I think of the novel as I did earlier. Insyaallah. And with that, I greet you Assalamualaikum and have a good day with YOUR reading too!

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