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Remarkable Creatures Review :)

by - Friday, December 05, 2014

Remarkable Creatures, probably my first ever book bought from this talented author is one I thoroughly enjoyed. However, despite the positive fact, I somehow put off reading it as it did not interest me at the time and I was far too tempted with other classical literature that I had in my hands from a recent BBW book sale. I bought this book based on my own personal interest toward the perfectly simple cover. As for the synopsis, it gives away a glimpse of how women fought hard for a passion they gravely wish to be acknowledged by the seemingly men dominated society at the time.

In truth, I’ve always liked to read stories that narrate the actual circumstances of the position of women in society that had failed to be depicted in many fictional literatures written at the time. As an additional bonus, the characters that materialise throughout the pages of the novel are constructed from people who once existed. Perhaps because of this, it makes the story and the characters seem more realistic and allow readers to have an intimate connection with them.

It has only taken me 4 days to read from the first page to the last and I enjoyed every moment immensely. To say this book has numerous killer plots is far from the truth as it was an easy even read. However, the unvarying and simplicity of the plots is what loyally lured me to the book till the very last page. Mary Annings and Elizabeth Philpot are the two main narrators that appear consecutively in the story who are also the residents of Lyme, Dorsetshire in 20th century.

Elizabeth Philpot and her two other sisters are unmarried, respected ladies in their late 20s who were being taken care of their elder brother, John Philpot. After the announcement of his marriage, they chose a house in Lyme, a small seashore village in the South of London for themselves with an annual income of £500. There, the two older Philpots uncovered their interests in fossils and garden plants respectively. Margaret, the youngest of the three spends her time with her dancing and mingling with the society there while in search of a good suitor to break herself from singlehood like her sisters.

In Lyme, Elizabeth met Mary Annings, a young girl who has a sharp eye in searching for curies hidden under the sands by the beach. They formed a tightly knitted friendship which allowed them to share whatever knowledge the other has. One day, they happen to find the remnant bones of a peculiar and unique creature. From this point onwards, both the lives of Mary and Elizabeth changed and how their mutual friendship is tested to the limits. 

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