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Waking Up From Slumber

by - Monday, December 29, 2014

Assalamualaikum, Internet travelers! It was never my intention to leave this blog so wrongly abandoned since early this month. However, I have logged in a couple of times in a week, typing a paragraph looking much like this one, leaving them half done and saved the lot as drafts. Believe me, I've got tons of drafts waiting for me to post them. Truth be told, I've been kept on my tippy toes the moment I was released for Mid Sem break and smouldered with assignments. They are now 90.1% complete and I am able to breathe freely.

 And for those who know me very well, either my friends and family members or you guys who have been keeping up with my ramblings in this blog, it won't come as a big surprise to know where my head has been all week. My family have recently went to the BBW book fair whilst I was still in campus a couple of weeks ago. They knew I would end up walking like a lost cause zombie if we don't freshen up our shelves in the study room with books to keep us going next year. Just before I set off for campus, I gave my sisters an elaborate list of books I wanted them to scavenge on the day of BBW which I was sure to miss. Their eyebrows lifted as they go through each item on the list. 

Now, I never got messages so early in the morning on a weekend but I did that day. My phone was beeping and ringing all night but I couldn't muster enough energy to turn it off. However, when I do wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning, I was greeted by the worst case of flu and a pounding headache. I flicked through my message inbox, and lo behold! My sister sent me dozens of pictures of books she organized in our living room shelves. I felt my mouth drop smacked to the floor. With strength I never knew I had, I jumped out of bed and whooped with joy, almost forgetting the fact I was so ill. My roommates gave me the evil eye for that. Sorry, guys. Hahaha...

I endured the next few weeks of hours in class and heavy rain with the thoughts and hopes of being able to get my hands on those books. Yeah, I know. I'm a hopeless bookworm.   :)

So, now I'm back at home trying to juggle between my assignments which are lessening every day and my desperate need to read through the new books. Last week alone, I have successfully read 2 books. They were Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson and Origin by Jessica Khoury. I might post another entry my reviews on these books. I am currently reading a book picked out by my mum which is The Kingmaker's Daughter by Philippa Gregory. I've never heard it before but so far, I'm really enjoying it. She didn't really know what to buy for me although she was aware I'm into literature and historical fiction lately. I assured her the books she picks for me always turn out to be my favourites. I'm serious. 


My sister got hold of the latest instalment of the Molly Moon series! It's called Molly Moon and the Monster Music. I can't wait to dig in once I'm done with The Kingmaker's Daugher. I've got all the series except for the first book which I've been hunting for since a couple of years ago. Grrr.... Still, can't say I'm not enjoying this wonderful series. 

I am also aware that I have informed everyone in my blog as well as my Twitter account on my current literature reads and how I failed. I tried reading Dracula in campus but ended up half-way because I was a little bit bored and I didn't think the novel has to be so long. North and South was okay despite paving through the first few chapters. Watching the BBC drama series adaptation at first hand was a huge mistake and one I won't repeat in the future if I could help it. I knew exactly what would happen thus explaining why I'm not planning to read it just yet. And that is all from me and my books. I hope to spare more time to post on my progress in my reading soon. Till next time!


If you have seen the news, then you might be aware of the floods happening in Malaysia and other countries affected. I hope everyone will continue to donate and offer as much assistance to the flood victims until they are up on  their feet and could carry out their lives as usual. It'll be a while before we reach that stage but nothing will be impossible or too difficult to handle if everyone is willing to help, no matter who they are. Same thing goes to the case of the missing airliner. May the families of the passengers on board stay patient and strong as our prayers are always to them. I think the whole world is holding their breath until something of the plane is discovered. I urge the media not to make such unnecessary speculations of the case of the missing plane by throwing the blame to any parties until this is thoroughly investigated. We have enough on our plate as it is and are coping as best as we can. 


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